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RadCom September 2018 p14


We’ve had some pretty bad experiences with inconsiderate geocachers here in East Cheshire. Anyway, isn’t the very purpose of geocaching to deposit non-biodegradable rubbish in the countryside? :wink:


It would appear to be a good year for bilberries…:smiling_imp:


They appear to be pulled too tight to have held anything between them and the hoops. If someone had a sharp implement to cut off the tails, why not remove the whole thing?
I wonder if these have been left as “tags” which have some meaning to others in the know…

Mr Google doesn’t seem to have any explanation yet…


And blackberries!


This is what I have been thinking too. Not clear from the photo but one was red-black-blue. The plot thickens.


I did a bit of geocaching until I found a dry stone wall that had been badly damaged by people looking for a cache and my children found one containing prescription drugs. My enthusiasm wained after that. As you say, it is simply littering in the countryside.


in my pre-LiFePO, SLAB days some painkillers/uppers might have been welcome!


I have been a Geocacher for a good number of years and have never as yet found anything untoward in any geocache or any significant damage to where they have been hidden, maybe up here in LD country we have a more relaxed attitude to the hobby therefore negating the need for prescription drugs. :smiley:


Seems odd. Do you mean non-prescription drugs?


Red and black tywraps - photographed on GW/NW-016 Moelwyn Mawr Trig Point yesterday.


I left them intact on the hook.

73 Phil


White too I think. There’s definitely something going on. Aliens?


Perhaps it has a loop resistance of nine Ohms within a two percent tolerance :smile:


In industry different coloured cable ties are sometimes used to identify equipment that is in date for test. Perhaps a particularly H&S aware ham is carrying out load testing before attaching their mast and beam? In this case I would propose that the cable ties are not “litter” but rather important safety items :innocent:


You are Ripley AICMFP!


I wonder if perhaps there’s a slim chance it might be OSGB themselves, maybe as a means to maintain their rights of access/ownership.

I noticed some ties also, on Mwdwl eithin. No pictures though.


i don’t think the Ordnance Survey are interested in most of their trig points - just the ones in the National GPS Network. The others are looked after by volunteers.


Must be a Welsh thing…


The Welsh custom is the Red Dragon logo.


Discovered this on the trig on the Merrick GM/SS-028 yesterday which doing communications for a hill race.

The centre plate has been removed and replaced with this one. (Well made too!)

I’m up the Merrick a few times every year but haven’t noticed this before - but then again I don’t usually have to use the trig for shelter against the wind, yesterday was constant 35 to 40 mph winds gusting to 55+.

So is this vandalism or what category would it be placed in? Wonder who the culprits are??


The top cap was reported as missing in 2009 and the first report of the new cap is in 2015.

Is it vandalism? Well there’s the rub. If Banksy paints some graffitti on your wall it’s vandalism but you can probably sell it for lots of money assuming someone doesn’t steal your wall first. At least they have stopped people stuffing more cans and bottles down the centre!