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POLL: What should the maximum number of posts in a thread be?


Are we there yet?


Not yet!


What about now?


The post number is over to the right, on my screen. This should be 86 of 86.


Yes, I’m trying to help get it to 99 and then watch who claims the 100 or if it never gets to 100…


I think it stops at 99 and the #100 message is the system saying the thread is locked.

Here’s one more post towards the total in any case.



Hi all,
Here’s my opinion.
I see no point on limitting the number of posts in a thread and I wouldn’t like to have that.
We currently have it set to 100 post if I’m not wrong and we’ve seen a part 2 of some threads being created to be able to continue the same subject and discussions of the original thread.
Quite ilogical from my point of view.



The maximum of 100 posts per topic is obviously rubbish. Anyone can see: There are lots of closed topics now, each one having another ‘part-2’ topic. This is an excellent way to destroy the former readability and good handling of the reflector. The MT never let them guide by the people’s wishes and demands. Why now?



Yeah, I think 100 is probably too high! :wink: :wink: :wink:

How about 73 instead?

:wink: :wink:

POLL: What should the maximum number of posts in a thread be? - Part 2

Right from the outset I said this was much ado about nothing, and we should have left things as they were. Nothing has happened to make me change my mind.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Walt (G3NYY)


You are partly wrong, Pom. The MT has always paid attention to comments and suggestions from participants, and has in the past made changes that could be shown to be desirable by contributing to the fundamental ethos of the SOTA award scheme. Changes that conflict with the fundamental ethos of SOTA will always be rejected. But “demands”, now, is a word that in this context carries a feeling of being peremptory, claiming as of right something that is due or owned. Participants are not in a position to make demands - they can take part or not take part, their choice, but they can only make suggestions.

It is all very well complaining about the 100 post limit, but those who voted against it are outnumbered nearly 2:1 by those who voted for it. It does no good to complain about a majority decision - and I voted for 500 myself - the best thing to do is bide your time and see if the 100 limit is a real nuisance to all or a minor irritation to a few, if it seems a real nuisance then a simple request to the MT will re-open the question. Meanwhile I think the poll hasn’t been closed…


Maybe you’re not logged in Brian?


Brian, thanks for your answer.
I find it quite funny that you refer to the majority who voted in the poll*, which is the vast minority of the reflector users. Some years ago when moved the goal posts in DM, you named the majority (as it obviously was, just have a look at both forums, Reflector and SOTA FE) a minority that ist only a ‘vocal majority’.

*102 voted this time, what is the total number of Reflector users?



One of the voting options was to leave things as they were; one was to reset it to what it was originally. Both of these got heavily outvoted.

MT had no particular view on what it should be and we agreed it was an issue to be put in the hands of the participants.

We felt it was broke when the threads went >500. Others felt it was broke then that the Light At The End Of The Tunnel thread was prevented from going >500.

So we asked the question! One of the options was effectively an “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” option - but it only attracted 18% of the vote.


I’ll check that, Tom, it still shows as open here.


I’m missing this 4th option, which is what I’d vote for.




That option is not available on this (Discourse) platform Guru. 10,000 is the maximum.


So what, Pom? Not voting is also a democratic right, from the point of view of those who set a poll, if you don’t vote when you can, you have no opinion.

As for moving the goal posts, it is the right thing to do when they have been erected halfway up the field. :grinning:


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