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POLL: What should the maximum number of posts in a thread be?


What is the plan for when two people do that at the same time and the thread forks?



A manual recombination I suppose, unless the topics also fork. There was always the potential for this problem to occur but with a post limit of 500 it wouldn’t happen very often. Now it may happen 15 - 20 times a year which will keep me on my toes!:grinning:


…and can replies to a terminated thread be quoted in the new thread?


Yes, it seems so. The “quote” highlight automatically opens a new topic, you just have to give it a name…

It seems that you can still “like” posts in a closed thread, too - I just did so in the Aussie reptiles thread…


But what if the new topic already exists? Does that work too?


I would hope that cut and paste will work.


I can’t see how to do that neatly - might have to resort to highlight / copy / paste…


You can use the link option to link your current post to another topic.


Cut and paste does not link to the original text though. Still I see that Andy has stepped up to the plate to take on the new MT role of “thread continuer” so I imagine that he will change cut and paste quotes to hyperlinks.


I just tried to quote from a closed thread, and in the box where it invites “type a name or link” or some such, I pasted in a link to this thread - it didn’t do what I hoped, though, and now there is a messed up new topic under my name - could someone (maybe called Andy) delete it for me please?

(shuffles away to play with things I understand better :o)


Thank you!


I used the “move post” feature but… you need to have the right privileges. These come with continued posting, liking, replying etc. If you don’t do enough your privileges drop down. The more active the more facilities. However, for the few times this will happen, it’s not a big job to move the last post that causes a closure to a new topic. I only did it to see if it worked which it did.


You guys are extending this conversation just to push it over 100 posts. I see your plan!






The badge for reading every post in a thread with more than 100 posts will become a collectors item.


Specially since I will be deleting posts!


Even this one?


There should surely be a badge for The Last Post?


There’s a bugle for the Last Post.