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Parking advice - GW/SW


I have an upcoming business trip to Newport and Cwmbran coming up, which should hopefully give me a chance to debut MW6ADB

Looking at Google Earth, GW/SW-019, -024 and -30 look obvious candidates, but there is little in the way of guidance on their pages, even though they have all been activated often enough.

As I’m in unknown territory here, and operating solo, I’d prefer to know a bit about the terrain, and recomendations of parking spots… any suggestions?

Also possible is GW/SW-033 which looks straightforward enough.

I’ll alert once timings are confirmed…

Andrew M6ADB


In reply to M6ADB:

If you have a satnav there is a PoI file available with parking spots for all G/GW summits.




In reply to M6ADB:

Without wishing to be alarmist, Andrew, I would advise you to be very careful where you leave the car in South Wales. One well-known activator parked near a South Wales summit (SW-004) last July, and when he returned to the car he found the window smashed and the contents ransacked.

Look on the Reflector for the thread entitled < A “grand day” ruined > and you will find all the unsavoury details.

I also had the misfortune to have my wheel trims stolen when I parked for a couple of hours - in broad daylight - in Newport, S.E. Wales.

Hope this doesn’t put you off! Good luck with the activations.

Walt (G3NYY)


In reply to G3NYY:

…on the other hand far larger numbers of people have visted with no problems at all!




Looks like a go, so alert for GW/SW-033 posted… might get to do others but we will see.

Will be running APRS (M6ADB-7) as usual…


In reply to M6ADB:

The best laid plans… due to heavy traffic on the M4, I eventually arrived on scene at 0930, and this had to become a quick wham/bam/slam activation, four-and-out activation, as I had to be at my meeting for 1000

As it happened, I was 10 minutes late :wink:

Apologies for anyone who was listening out.

I will be back in the area on Tuesday/Wednesday next week, and plan to do at least one more summit.