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Pa/pa003 and pa/pa002


Dear Sota friends,

New video’s on YouTube about the activation PA/PA-003 OBSERVANT SINT-PIETERSBERG and PA/PA-002 VROUWENHEIDE on 06-09-2008.

Also some pictures on our website http://www.onl.be/



In reply to ON6DSL:
Leuke video’s en foto’s Luc; jammer dat ik jullie niet heb gehoord, condities waren niet goed tussen ons. Zal er zelf nog een keer heen moeten, hi!

73, Age - pa0xaw


In reply to PA0XAW:

Dag Age,

We hebben ons best gedaan.
Het was een prachtige dag, mooi weer met een beetje wind en later op PA/PA-002 een ietsje regen. Wat de short skip betreft, die was er ditmaal niet, misschien een andere keer en dan zal het wel lukken om ons te werken op HF of op VHF en wat betreft de aktivatie van jou kant uit, zeker doen !
Ik ga nog een kort verslagje trachten samen te stellen voor Hans in de loop van deze week.
Tot werkens.


In reply to ON6DSL:
Hai Age,

We have done our best.
It was a splendid day, nicely with a smattering wind and later on PA/PA-002 a touch rain. What concerning the short skip, which there was not this time, perhaps another time and then it will succeed to work us on HF or on VHF, however about the aktivation from your site, certainly do!
I will send a mail to Hans and make a tale concerning these two sota ref.
Cu Nxt



In reply to ON6DSL:
Hello Luc,

Nice videos. Sabina, S57BNX and I, we were very happy to made a QRP/QRP contact with you. Our first PA SOTA QSOs. We hope to meet you on the frequency many times in the future. Good luck and all the best…

73, Milos S57D


In reply to S57D:
Hello Milos and Sabina,

I was very satisfied that I could work you and Sabina with my QRP equipment.
Of course I will look out to the next sota-QSO.
Also good luck for you and Sabina in the future and a lot Sota expeditions.

I really love Sota… unfortunate that there in Belgium only 8 sota ref. If Belgium had more, I was each weekend QRV from a sota place.

I really hope that there comes shortly some changes.
(I think on the P100 RULE …)

If no changes comes … we think about quit with the sota programme.
We have then nevertheless nothing more about it and I do not think about driving 10 x to the same place.

Cu Nxt !

73 and 88



In reply to ON6DSL:

Thanks to all the stations who spot me on the sotawatch for the two PA-ref.

73, Luc ON6DSL


In reply to ON6DSL:
Hello Luc.

Slovenia is an alpine country. We have enough mountains to activate for the rest of our lifes. I hope the P100 rule will be changed in Belgium (and even in Slovenia). Plan your next vacations to come to Slovenia and try some real alpine activations. :slight_smile:

73, Milos S57D