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Outd Log App released for iOS and Android


No, Andy and the rest of the MT are concerned that the free advertising is being taken as if it is a right rather than being politely asked for. We know that the money involved is trivial, we aren’t eager to grab a share, we are happy that another useful facility is available to the sotari, it is just good manners to ask first. That’s all.


So, the following points seem to be understood:

  • the app will be used by SOTA activators out in the field;
  • the app could help many SOTA activators log contacts more efficiently, thereby saving them time when conditions on a summit may be bad;
  • the SOTA community can thereby benefit in a general sense;
  • little monetary gain will accrue to the developer of this app - since any developer of such apps or similar SOTA services will agree that the amount of time and effort in cash terms can never be recouped.

Given these points of agreement, it seems churlish indeed to complain so effusively that the developer needs to apply for permission to “advertise” his app when the net gain to the SOTA community surely outweighs any objections the MT may have about his placing a few notices calling attention to the app in this Reflector.


“Effusively”, Rob?

Six lines about it from members of the MT, count them, but you on your own have devoted seventeen lines to objecting, making you nearly three times as effusive!:wink: It seems “churlish” to object to the MT’s preference for good manners, but no doubt some people prefer the modern way of grab first, ask later if you think of it!

Now I’m not wearing my moderator’s hat (the one with a spike on top!) but I suggest that all the necessary points have been made and the thread should be returned to discussing the app.


[redacted due to infringing the AUP.]




Feeble? The power is mine, the hat with the point on top is in easy reach, and you are ignoring both the AUP and the Code of Conduct in the GR.

Rob, you are a highly valued member of this community, and it would be with the greatest reluctance that I would do my duty and impose a “time out” on you, but duty is duty. Please, let it rest.


I’ve waited a long time for adding me to the beta testers. Unfortunately I did not get it and finally the program showed up as a paid one so I bought it, but why do I have to pay again for the program after changing the tablet or phone?
Is this honest?


This is only related if you change the Plattform. iOS -> Android or Android -> iOS
Due to the fact that I’m not able to check for the license on other platform, this is fact.

Sorry for missing you in the beta team. Please let me know which platform you purchased.

Can i might add you for the 1.2 Version to the beta team?


Thank You Brian.

Thanks as well to all the other support.


I installed it on the Android tablet and later I wanted to check how it will work on the phone with Android, but the store again wanted money …
I of course can install it without paying, but I am not a thief and I respect the authors’ rights.
For now, this program does not impress me in comparison to the program of Peter TVK or the program from VK, but I understand that this is just the beginning and it will be better. Although for now it is testing in “the cold” not in the field, I will gladly check what the 1.2 version brings.


This happens if you don’t use the same google account on both devices. You can add the one from your phone also on your tablet. Then you should be able to install. I guess …

73 Joe


I would have to be an idiot to have a grudge that I have to pay on a device with another account! I have over a dozen Android devices and only one Google account. Same at all rigs. This morning, before 6:00 utc, the problem has disappeared! I think Thomas has changed something in the payment settings or the whimsical Google store has awakened. I can install the program on other devices with the same account without re-payment.
Regards Mariusz sp9amh / qrp


Hello Mariusz,

My comment was not stating that it is but that it could be the reason. Had a similar problem in my family that’s why I came up with it.

Good that it works now :grin:

73 Joe


I did not change anything.


I reckon Google are constantly changing things because they can.


So it is GOOGLE!
Recently, there are often strange problems with the store.
I’m sorry Thomas.
I test the program often and I like it more.
vy 73 Mariusz