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On-line converter from ADIF to SOTA CSV file forma


After my very first activation this Saturday on a very accessible summit (ON/ON-027), I already learned many lessons for my future activations.

While I enjoy experimenting with the station set-up, and making the contacts, I really did not like to spend the remaining of my week-end wrestling with the related administration: reading my awful handwriting (even when my hands are not frozen as they were on site) to input the QSO’s in my logging software, guessing the times I had not written down during the QSO’s, uploading the relevant records with a new call (these are my first QSO’s logged as ON6ZQ/P), to eQSL (with an “attached” callsign), and Lotw (with the required new certificate).

Having finally managed that, I discovered that the upload of the logs to the SOTA database requires yet another format. Searching for a ready-made converter only gave me “404 not found errors”.

So I decided to write a converter that will at least save me the manual entry of the QSO’s of my future activations.

As the work to write the program for local use and the the work to put it on-line were nearly equivalent, I published it on


It works for me (ADIF produced by DXkeeper), but I am sure many adjustments will be required to handle the files generated by other logging software.

I am willing to improve the tool as needed: just send me the ADIF text and a description of what does not work properly. I’ll do my best to fix it.

73 de ON6ZQ.



In reply to ON6Z
I use, as many others do also, the software written by F6ENO for ADIF to CSV uploading:-
I don’t know about activators but it works great for SOTA chaser logs.
Damian M0BKV


In reply to M0BKV:

Thank you for your message.

I had indeed found this software mentioned at several places, but all the links point to a missing page (404 not found) ;-( I would appreciate it if someone could tell me where to download it from.

While at it, I also wrote a converter from CSV (as downloaded from SOTAdata) to ADIF:


They both work for me, and hopefully can be useful to others too.

73’s de ON6ZQ



In reply to ON6ZQ:
You will find all usefull software from Alain F6ENO here:

By the way i use it as an activator, and it’s a must for that.
Gerald F6HBI


My SOTA CSV Editor will do CSV->ADIF - with a number of options if you enter the details in the original CSV in the right format.


Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:

Thank you for the link to your program. I have added it to my pages

http://www.on6zq.be/w/index.php/SOTA/ADIF2SOTA and http://www.on6zq.be/w/index.php/SOTA/SOTA2ADIF .

By the way, for those interested, I also made GPX files that contain the GPS coordinates of the summits in a format that can be easily uploaded to GPS sets or to smartphones. On smartphones, some applications will even import the summits as way-points just by entering the URL of the GPX file.


Christophe ON6ZQ


In reply to G0LGS:


Now that I’m a 60M activator, can we have a 5Mhz option please?

Had to enter 3.5Mhz and do a find and replace in a text editor…


In reply to G4ISJ:

Now that I’m a 60M activator, can we have a 5Mhz option please?

Had to enter 3.5Mhz and do a find and replace in a text editor…

Just add it on the configuration screen (F9)!

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:

Just add it on the configuration screen (F9)!

Stewart G0LGS

Thanks, I knew it would be easy!