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OK/KR Expedition 30 Apr - 9 May 18


Yesterday we had two road closures and many closed cable car routes but we found one open to OK/KR-006 that was running every 30 minutes. We have a few options today depending on weather. Trutnov is an ideal base for SOTA.

Trutnov Square


Hi Alex OK4AS
We look forward to qsos and/or meeting you when we move over to Destne v Orlickych horach area.


Two more great days in Czech Republic with another six summits activates and the highlight being Geoff achieving MG status on our last summit today. We are now in Destne near the border with Poland. Thanks to all the chasers so far.


Hope to see you tomorrow.
Do you know ref. of the summits scheduled to activate ?

73, Jarek


Hi Jarek
It would be good to see you during our travels today. We hope to activate KR-061, KR-064 & KR-068 but not sure of times. We need to get fuel for the car and for us before we set off.


Thanks Nick for S2S & thanks to you all for nice short meeting :wink:


Jarek SP9MA with the team


Another fantastic SOTA day activating 3 summits in the sunshine but with a cold wind! On our second summit OK/KR-068 we met Greg SP3LRS and his family enjoying an activation. We enjoyed chatting for a while before moving to set up our station.


In the evening Jarek SP9MA came over to our hotel and joined us for a SOTA chat & drink at our hotel. We had worked each other earlier in the day S2S. Thanks for coming to see us Jarek, it was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully more S2S contacts today!


Yet another superb day in the Eagle Mountains with glorious weather. We activated three summits but noticed that conditions on 20 metres were poor.

Geoff / M0PYG at OK/KR-012 Anensky Vrch


We even tried 2 metres from the top of the tower but sadly I’ll no takers

OK/KR-012 Anensky Vrch Observation Tower


Back at it again tomorrow. Thank you to all the chasers.



Hasn’t he recovered from his Mountain Goat celebrations yet?? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the contacts today.

73 Allan GW4VPX


We did it Nick: thanks to Dave & Pete for S2S today between OK/KR-009 and OK/OL-005.
Good luck for you all !

73, Jarek


Fantastic Jarek. Sorry I missed you but I was on a separate station some distance away with Geoff!


Another great day with four more summits activated and we all finished off nicely with some great goulash!


Dave OK/G3TQQ on left & Geoff OK/M0PYG waiting to attack the goulash & dumplings (looks like bread)


Yesterday was yet another good day with three more activations in the Eagle Mountains. Conditions were much better on 20 & 30 metres. On our first summit, OK/KR-063 two of us had the luxury of a table and chair next to a small charming chapel


Geoff OK/M0PYG/P going for it!


Thank you to all that worked us. We activated our last summit of the tour this morming and we fly home tomorrow.