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OK/KR Expedition 30 Apr - 9 May 18


Dave G3TQQ, Pete M0HQO, Geoff M0PYG and I are visiting the Czech Republic from Sunday 29th April until Thursday 10th May 2018. We will based for four nights in Trutnov and five nights in Destne v Orlickych horach. I expect that most of the time we will be using two separate stations on HF and we will also try VHF (2m) for any local contacts or possible s2s. We are hoping that Geoff will join the Mountain Goat herd on this trip. We are looking forward to working as many as possible and meeting any local SOTA enthusiasts.

Nick G4OOE


I wish success, although it is nothing good for me … The most unpractical distance.
vy 73 Mariusz sp9amh


Hi, Nick. Great to hear about your trip. You will enjoy - especially the marathon of Orlickie Hory, a couple of peaks one after another with nice walking distance. I made 9 of them one day, I felt like playing a snooker… :wink:

All the best, I wish you warm weather and cold beer! :smile:


Thank you very much for your post. Maybe we will have some qsos on 80m which we are hoping to use some of the time.

Thanks to you too. I remember following your 9 summit haul - FB! We will be going at a much slower pace - hi hi! However, I am sure we will enjoy the visit.



Hello Nick, if you wish you can also try OK/OL-005, 002 and 003 - they are not far away from your scheduled location :wink:


Whilst I wont be in OK this May but wil be in FL/VO, your comment resonates with me Mariusz.

When I activate from Scotland I’m unlikely to work G stations on 30m/20m but I have the distinct advantage that skip distances on 30m/20m are such that a huge number of European mainland chasers will be in range. Coming to FL/VO brings me a lot closer and reduces the number of chasers I’ll work on 30m/20m. I think I’ll defintely need to add a 40m capability to the arsenal.


Hi Nick. Would be glad to meet you guys there. Preferably around Trutnov which is slightly closer to my place than Destne. Do you already have any plan which days you go for some peaks and which days spend maybe on beer tasting?
I’ll check with my family to find out what are “my” plans :slight_smile: on the days you’re here and come back to you.
Mirek, OK1CYC


Hi Jarek

Thank you very much for highlighting OK/OL-005, 002 & 003. We will certainly have a look and maybe squeeze them in if we can.

Hi Mirek

Thanks very much for offering to meet us. I will send you our itinerary with phone numbers to your email address. One or two of us may take you up on the beer tasting - hi hi!



Hey I wrote you an email. You’re around me, I see information on email. Mirek OK3UQ


Hi Mirek

I have responded to your email.

Thank you


Hi I’m on waiting for the call:) I sent the text, I’m with you:mirek OK3UQ)


We had a good day yesterday with 3 summits activated. Thanks to all the chasers. Today we are hoping to start on OK/KR-001.


A very enjoyable cable car trip to OK/KR-001 summit on 1st May. However, summit was very crowded so we just kept to as low a profile as possible by operating only on 2m. By the time we returned to the bottom station the queue to ascend was horrendous due to it being a holiday. By contrast we only met a handful of walkers on OK/KR-066. In the evening we enjoyed the company of Mirek OK3UQ. Thanks to all the chasers.



View from Snezka OK/KR-001


L to R: Dave G3TQQ, Pete M0HQO, Mirek OK3UQ & Geoff M0PYG


Snezka summit from cable car


Thank you for a very pleasant sitting and meeting you was a pleasure and for other meetings Mirek OK3UQ


DR OMs, hope to hear You on 145.550 in JN89ex (Usti nad orlici) or see You on saturday/sunday5./6. May on sota Zaklety vrch OK/KR-071 - our klubstation OK1KUO will be here on subreg contest (see www.ok1kuo.cz but sri only in czech language).
73 de Alex OK1VOF / OK4AS


Today no copy on OK/KR-026 - it was spot on KR-??? 3 minutes before me but no copy :frowning:
It was very close, on each band should be good copy


Hi Marek
I don’t know why we didn’t hear you yesterday. We were using two stations and somehow we missed you. Maybe better luck today.