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NS7P, well known chaser, makes goat!


Well done Phil! That is an awesome achievement. I bet you have some stories.


Well played Phil. Well played. Welcome to the heard. Dean ~ K2JB


Awesome! Well done Phil…Baa!!

Mike AD5A


Well done Phil on making on Mountain Goat.
I have had the pleasure of you working me when I have been out activating.

73, Warren vk3byd


Good job and congrats, Phil.
Thanks for the Qs.
Bill, K0MP


Great job Phil! You’re one of the earlier SOTA folks and I enjoy hearing you chasing when I am. And it is fun to work you when you are activating - most recently on the 10th after the effects of big CME were subsiding. Glad you made goat!

Randy, ND0C


You’re thee GOAT, Phil! …who chased me from day one and never stopped! …hooves up, buddy and welcome to the herd! :clap: Bravo! …Steve/wGOATs


Thanks so very much for all of the kind wishes in conjunction with my reaching Mountain Goat. I really appreciate the support. SOTA is a great organization that I am thankful to be part of. What a fine bunch of hams.

I started 2017 with about half of the needed activator points and decided that this was the year. It was quite an adventure. I decided to do the Goat with all activations in Oregon. This made a hard task even harder. The Cascade snow melt was late this year, and many 4 point and above summits were essentially unreachable until summer. Then the fires started and many western Oregon trails were closed.

So my XYL and I planned a number of “expeditions” to various parts of the state. This strategy worked, and we got enough higher point summits to qualify for MG. A big thanks to her for planning the trips with me, making lunches and thousands of miles of driving. It gave us a chance to see a lot of beautiful Oregon that we had never seen before. Our Toyota Highlander will never be the same, hi hi. Maybe it was a bucket list thing!


Nice job Phil - especially the end push! It’s an honor to have you in my logbook so many times! Funny how as 1000 activator points gets closer you scramble to do more activations, you made it congrats! 73 Rick WB0USI



Well done and an awesome achievement!!



Great Job Phil and congratulation! Alway good to work you on or off the hill.



Phil, Thanks for all the chases and activations. You almost always find me when I am “out” and I am pleased to find you when your “out”. You are a FB operator.
73 Gary W5ODS


FB Phil, dear old W7O certainly threw fire and ice at your 2017 summit push, but you got the last baaa

John, KC7DM


Excellent Phil! Always great to hear you call in when I’m on a summit and I try to work you as much as possible with my peanut whistle attic antenna from home. FB Oregon activations!

73 Jim K7MK


Phil, outstanding achievement, and a job well done. Glad to have worked you numerous times and certainly I always appreciate the calls when I’m out and about. Congratulations!


Congrats Phil always a pleasure to have you chase and S2S!!!


Way to go Phil! I always enjoy seeing your callsign when you are activating or when you are chasing. Keep up the good work.


Congrats Phil and welcome to the herd.
Thanks for all the activating and the Summit to Summit Q’s.
Looking forward to working you many times in the future.

Best 72/73 de Dennis - WA2USA


Congratulations Phil. I have really enjoyed sharing our parallel journeys as activators and chasers. I hope to be able to meet you again while I am in Portland.
73 Rich N4EX


Way to go Phil! I just saw this. Talk to you soon I’m sure. Scott kw4jm