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NS7P, well known chaser, makes goat!


Congrats Phil. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Always a pleasure to work u from a summit or when u are on a summit!



Congrats Phil! Thanks for all the activations



Great job and perseverance Phil! Congrats and welcome to the NA herd. Baaaaa!

Guy/n7un aka nS0TA


Congratulations Phil, honored to be in your MG log as well as many others! Plus you always have a big chaser signal. SOTA on!

Keith KR7RK


A hearty congratulations Phil always fun to work you.


Congratulations Phil on your MG day. Could hear the guys working you but couldn’t get through that day. All the best to you sir and keep on climbing. 73 de Scotty


Congratulations Phil! 73! Hal N6JZT


Congrats Phil! Always a pleasure to be chased by you as well.


I’m a relative newcomer around these parts (SOTA that is) but we’ve already crossed paths. 'Grats man. I aspire to that someday. It looks like a long road.


WOW… That one sneaked up on me. I should have known something was up, since Phil had only five chaser contacts logged in June, July, August and September, after scoring 83,000 chaser points. In fact, he scored over 400 activator points in three and a half months during the chasing hiatus, in addition to racking-up 1,200 s2s points as a byproduct. That’s a classic “final push”, as it took him six years to do the previous 600 activator points. Must have been a buckets list thing. Congrats, Phil.


Congrats Phil on reaching the MG activator level!! You are an amazing SOTA chaser and activator. I can always pick out your musical callsign on CW :-). I hope you continue with SOTA for many years to come my friend.

73, Brad


Way to go Phil. It’s always great to hear you. Welcome to the herd!

73, Bud N7CW


Outstanding job Phil. Sorry I missed you on goat day but was not around a radio at the time. Keep up the good job.

Gary a. W0MNA


Congratulations, Phil, on your accomplishment - I am in awe of how many summits you’ve done this year!

Peter KD0YOB


Pleasure to work you here the day of your achievement Phil. Congrats! I’ll buy the 1st round next time we meet up for pizza @ SEAPAC. Been great meeting up with you and your wife these past couple of years. Look forward to next June :wink: 73, Todd KH2TJ


Congratulations on achieving MG! And many thanks for all the chases. Greatly appreciate your strong signal and clear fist!


Congratulations Phil and thanks for the numerous contacts both as chaser and activator! I look forward to more in the future!


Paul K9PM




Nicely done Phil! Congrats and welcome to the herd.
Mike NS1TA


Congratulations, Phil, on your great achievement. We are often in that “too close” zone for easy QSOs, but it is always a pleasure to hear you on the air and work you.