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North America SOTA Weekend


The annual NaSota Activity Weekend is almost upon us… September 12/13. Expect up to 600 spots in the first 12 hours. Come and get us.

Elliott, K6EL


Just picked out two of my favorite summits for tomorrow and posted alerts. Have fun out there!

73, pat - KI4SVM


Activators, please call for DX chasers occasionally when on the dx bands.

thanks in advance…
vk1da & vk2uh


Thank you dear U.S. colleagues for letting me chase 9 of you today. This has let me pass today my 8 000 chaser points.
See my chaser log of the day:

Best 73 de Guru


Day two started around 1430 UTC today with N0PCL up a hill in Virginia. Plenty of fish in the pond today, after bad propagation yesterday. Come and get us.

Elliott, K6EL