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Noah at Corndon Hill


Just like to thank those who chased my improptu activation of GW/MW-013 early this morning (12/01).
The weatherman at 0500 said it will rain, but at the time I got to the bottom of Corndon Hill it was just covered in thick cloud and a suprising amount of SW wind blowing about. What does the weatherman know about weather anyway!
Boots on, won’t bother with waterproofs/gaiters etc as it is only a little (but steep) walk to the top.
Puffed and panted to the summit and a gail was blowing, so decided to give hf a miss today as my fishing pole would not take the strain…
Just got set up and here comes the rain.
Never mind. My thanks to G8ADD, G0TRB, G0RQL, MW0BYT and G3ZHE over a mix of 2m ssb and fm.
Looking more like a Biblical scene, I decided to swim back down the hill and enjoy the heater in my old Land Rover and a two cups of well deserved coffee! The coffee came two by two.
Short activation due to wx, but I believe all stations worked.
Many thanks,
Until the next…


In reply to G1STQ:

If you haven’t started developing webbed feet by the end of the walk then it wasn’t really wet! :slight_smile:



In reply to G1STQ:

So John, you think Andy is joking. Well, I’m sure you’ll soon find summits on which you’ll wish you’d carried a plank as part of your kit. However, the best combination is about a metre of loose snow overlying boggy ground - you then can find yourself up to your backside in snow and with a boot full of foul stinking water. Just lovely!

Well done on Corndon. An excellent VHF take off from that hill - pity the weather cut short your stay, but I’m sure you’ll be back again next year.

73, Gerald G4OIG


In reply to G4OIG:
Probably go back in the summer and enjoy a bit of vhf.
817 drying out nicely now.


In reply to G1STQ:

Hi John,

Take care of the 817. Mine got wet on a Welsh mountain in March 2009 and it cost me a 3 figure sum for Lynch’s technician to breathe life back into it. Unless it’s brilliant sunshine and the sky is cloudless, I always operate my 817 and 857 mounted in plastic boxes and they remain in the backpack. It’s a case of once drenched, twice shy. However, I’m allowed to get wet. I wring out quite well!

73, Gerald G4OIG


In reply to G4OIG:

I’ve got one of the leather(ish) cases that Yaesu sell for the 817 and this gives a little protection, but after having trouble with the batteries in the cold a couple of weeks ago I am thinking of operating it in the big poachers pocket that one of my outdoor jackets is provided with - that should work for rain, too! The only trouble is that that particular jacket, although warm, comfortable and weatherproof, does seem to go best with green wellies! :wink:


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:

I’ve got one of the leather(ish)

Naugahyde is the name Brian.

A lot of Naugas are slaughtered everyday to make those cases! :wink:




In reply to MM0FMF:

Crikey, those naugas! I’m glad they don’t live this side of the pond, I’d rather face down a herd of wild haggis than one of them!


Brian G8ADD