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Night stop Ben Rinnes



I’m just preparing to go up Ben Rinnes for the night, the xyl’s kicked me out! I said I’m thinking of a camp out on Ben Rinnes tonight, she packed my bags for me, hi.

I’ll be calling on 20 & 40 cw with the KX1, hope to hear some of you before bedtime.



In reply to MM0GYX:
Thanks very much for the late night unique Ian.
I hope that you can get back in your home tmw - hi hi!

Nick G4OOE


In reply to G4OOE:

He had to choose the night I decided to do some SMSbot programming! I finished some prototyping and fired up the production code only to see if spew out a load of spots that had been pending. Luckily the last spot Ian sent was only delayed by 5 mins.

Ian says his new Palm Paddle is “fb” :slight_smile:



In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy,

On this occasion it did not matter as I had been monitoring 7032 for Ian to drop down from 20m. I spotted him just after working him.

Thanks & 73,



In reply to G4OOE:
Thanks for the qsos, I managed to get back in to the qth at abt 0700UT.

It was a good night up on Ben Rinnes, I found some shelter to pitch my tent but the antenna had quite a bend in it.

Managed to get some dx and even a rare contact with some chap in Tomintoul using cw!

Sadly no points for me, I’ve activated this year already. It was just for fun!



In reply to MM0GYX:

Glad you didn’t append the adjective “excrable” before the word CW!

I really would have expected a stronger ground wave signal from you when I can actually see the hill from my qth, maybe I should have waited for your 40m activity.

Good to work you on your preferred mode

Barry GM4TOE


In reply to GM4TOE:
I was going to begin on 40m Barry, but thought I’d give USA the benefit of 20m first.

Thanks for the contact, I was probably a bit generous with the 599, kx1 + Ben Rinnes = very quiet receiver, I had the volume too high! The guys from HB9 popped my ears a bit.

Sadly there was a lot of litter up there, and my bag is only so big. Tourists?



In reply to MM0GYX:

At least the broken flag stick from the golf course isn’t still in the rocks near the trig point - I carried that down

Barry GM4TOE