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Are you getting the message “too many Summits returned, please reduce distance” ?

When searching for summits between certain distances, there is an option in the Sota Mapping application, range feature that allows you to set an inner and outer ring (Doughnut style) - perhaps that will give you what you need?



There is indeed. Then you can use your own mapping apps on your computer (Memory Map, Anquet, Orux, Vectoria). But that is not the issue…


Hi Stewart, I have also experienced this and I think others have as well. This is due to some page caching that needs to be adjusted. We’ll try and get this fixed asap. Meanwhile, if this happens to you refreshing and clicking through the site will eventually convince the site that you are really logged in. Sorry for the irritation.

73, Jon


Thanks Ed, I’ve not really explored the mapping application I’ll give it a look[quote=“MM0FMF, post:144, topic:12104”]
should be rectified at some point

Thanks Andy I would appreciate getting my familiar view of the world back when Jon can get round to it :smiley:

I get that too, easily worked round though till it’s fixed

Thanks again to Jon and the Team for the sterling work on upgrading our facilities :smiley:

73 de paul G4MD


Hi Colin, this is a good point. I can see how this would be confusing. The field you refer to appears on top of most tables. This is the case for the search results but also in the Association List and also in the Summit Lists for each region. You can start typing in the field and the table will automatically start filtering the list according to what you type. This can be a handy way of quickly finding the item you are looking for.

Perhaps ‘Filter’ would be a more accurate and distinctive label. I’ll get this changed.

I’m sorry for the inconvience this is clearly causing you. I’ll like to try and improve things so it can be more useful.

The old facility on SOTAwatch allowed returning huge amounts of summits (we have approaching 200,000). We need to calculate the distance and bearing for every single one, etc. This often resulted in SOTAwatch freezing up and becoming unresponsive which was one of many issues with the old SOTAwatch software.

To be honest I was unclear what sort of limits to put on it. A simple limit of radius is a bit clumsy since 200km from some places will return a modest amount of summits where as from others, it will return thousands. Hence also having a maximum summit limit.

The current limit is set to 200 km and 200 summits. This is clearly too low on both accounts. I will increase this later today and see how we get on. It’s just a question of finding the right balance.

73, Jon



Perhaps the answer is to remove the distance limit and if the query returns a very large number of results then pop up a dialog asking if the user really wants them?


Yes, I know what you mean Paul. It’s possible but not trivial because the settings are purely in the browser. When you move off the page and go back the state is lost.

Firstly, I could adjust the default, perhaps 25 isn’t the best initial quantity of results. That would be trivial. I suspect 25 is too low.

Secondly, it is handy to use Ctrl-Click when selecting an item on the list. The detail view is then opened in a new tab leaving the list view exactly as you set it for when you need to select a different item.

73, Jon


Personally splitting tables up into pages is just an annoyance for me, far handier just to be able to scroll right through so I’d be happy for the default to be a high as you like :slight_smile: (YMMV)

Many thanks for that handy short cut Jon, I’d not come across it before it’s going to be extremely useful :smiley:

73 Paul G4MD


No, not quite that many. Today there are 100188 summits (including deleted ones). There are 93223 active summits.



My apologies, I should have typed 100,000.


[quote=“G4MD, post:146, topic:12104, full:true”]

Thanks Ed, I’ve not really explored the mapping application I’ll give it a look

Paul, I really recommend this facility on the SOTA mapping and now use it for all our planning.
Not only does it give all the summits in range, regardless of region but the list can be copied and forms the basis of an activation list spreadsheet so more columns can be added (for example driving time from the planned B&B).

For the imminent GM trip (2nd half of May; main base Moffat) this has cut down the 284 SS list to only about 50 (with no work on my part needed to select them) and has also added relevant SI summits. The ring selection allows removal of every summit we have near home, or other base, and again, a list. In this case the map is less useful as it is mostly empty. I suppose it could be printed in sectors, so 6 or 8 oddly shaped maps would cover the range; must try it.



There are 93223 active summits.

I’ll have to increase my effort if I’m going to activate all those uniques. Will need to do about 7 per day for the rest of my life if I’m to achieve it. (Would need there to be a freeze on any new associations joining until after my demise though…).


Hi Jon,

There seems to be an issue with My Activations / My Chases when reported in Summit Search results from the “Associations and Summits” page. For example, if I search for “Whernside” the results tell me that I have activated Great Whernside twice (should only be once) and there are nine chases reported, which should only be two! The numbers for Whernside are too large as well. Not a huge issue for me personally, but I thought you would appreciate a report, even if you have more urgent matters demanding your attention.

Thanks for all the work you are putting into the new site!

73, John M0VCM


I’ve not looked at this facility to see how it behaves, but it sounds like Cookies or Session Cookies are required.


Thanks Rod, I’ve started having a look and it’s a fascinating resource. Will be exploring it more over the next few days :slight_smile:

Good luck in the Moffat area, still got a few to do round there and a bunch of completes to collect so will try to look out for you. If all goes to plan Gerald and I should be in GM 14th - 21st May so perhaps collect a couple of s2s’s too :smiley:

73 de Paul G4MD


Ok, some changes

  • The distance limit on the summits search has been increased to 2000 km. This takes quite a while to load and for me returns 20,000 summits which also places quite a load on the browser. I suggest limiting your search to a few hundred km. We did try the browser-side pagination library we use but this crashed every browser I tried with so many summits so I’ve left it as a plain list for now. We could perhaps try some server-side pagination at some point if necessary.
  • The Login page now returns you to the page you were on when you clicked the Login button.
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in some summits displaying multiple times.
  • The table search facility is now named ‘Filter’
  • Fixed the caching issue where the site would pretend you weren’t logged in for a while.
  • Association List now defaults to All
  • Fixed inconsistent My Chases and My Activation results.

A few more coming up when time allows.

73, Jon


Thanks Jon, the distance search is now back to being useful for me.

Is it just my browser settings or are the table cells very tall compared with the text height? It looks to me as if the cells are much taller than required. Consequently there is a lot of white space on the page and it means you have to do a lot more scrolling than before.

Any chance you could make the table cells a bit shorter, reducing the vertical white space and thus getting more lines on the screen and so reducing scrolling?


Colin, here’s a screen grab of SB on my PC. The screen is 1920x1200m Firefox + Win7 Enterprise.

Does that look similar to yours? I know it’s hard to compare as the size is reduced but it would be interesting to see if this is a local or server side issue.


Yes, the ratio of text height to table cell height looks the same to me.

My screen is 1920 x 1080 also Firefox, but Debian Linux (testing)


A couple of further tweaks:

  • The summit lists (on the Region pages) now default to showing 200 records (up from 25). Also added an ‘All’ option so the entire list without pagination can be displayed quickly if needed.
  • The password validation rules have been relaxed. Non-alphanumeric characters are no longer required.

73, Jon