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New Website


Some software offers the user the option to display or conceal the password characters.


I just tried to use the summit search on the new website …

On http://www.sota.org.uk/Associations I typed gw/mw-033 into the search box in the main window - this had no effect! I then realised there was a separate search box in the right hand side pane, which worked. The purpose of the search box in the main pane needs to be clarified, maybe call it something like “results search”

I then tried to do my usual “distance” search so that I can see the nearest summits to my home QTH that I haven’t activated yet. First it won’t let me put in a big enough distance and when I do limit the distance to 200km then it won’t show me the summits saying there are too many results. This makes the facility totally useless!

73, Colin G8TMV


I’ve just noticed a quirk on the new site.

If I click a link from SotaWatch from a spotted summit the new site thinks I’m not logged in, but as soon as I click Login (it the top right) it notices that I am really logged in (without me having to enter my details).

Stewart G0LGS


I see 3 search boxes for that page.

Summit search complete with an explanation. When I tried it with “Ben Nevis” it found 4 summits, 1 in Scotland, 2 in Australia and 1 in Arizona. Likewise when I entere “SS-001” it found 6 summits with that code. The results seem to match the explanation.

Distance Search with an explanation. Yes it failed for me with too many summits for 200km from my QTH. It fails for me at 65km. I don’t know what the best results for this function should be. I’m guessing there is a limit of 100 summits and that maybe an artificial limit or may be sensible. Perhaps a better result would be to the nearest 100 summits to a point? I don’t know how Jon’s algorithm works for this, it may only search the association the centre point lies within.

Search: The remaining search box searches the table of associations. It’s AJAX (if that is still the right term) so the page dynamically changes as you type. The search term is applied as a filter to the Association Code and Association Name columns. I hadn’t noticed this feature till you wrote about!

I can’t replicate that on Firefix Stewart. I clicked on LD-031 on SOTAwatch and it took me to the “new” summit page. I could see from the menu at the top it new I was logged in. Now I do have a window open to the Associations page having been testing Colin’s observations so maybe this is why it is different. I think this will always be a browser issue.


I used the old site distance search to see how I was doing on summits close to home. It used to work, although was sometimes slow as the distance increased. I see the current situation with the new site as a retrograde step.

That would be pretty useless - lots of people (like me) live near enough to other associations that our closest (un-activated) summit may be in another region.



I was using Firefox too and I did the same thing several times earlier and each time I got the ‘Login’ button and not the ‘Logout’ one, but having tried again several times it is now behaving, even after closing Firefox and opening it again - strange !


As I said, I don’t know how the feature should function. I never used the old version so I have no feeling for how this one is in comparison. I always used other means to find summits in a range from my QTH. The fact that there are other methods is not the point, we have something that is being reported as deficient compared to before and that should be rectified at some point.

Do you have so criteria/specs you’d like to see implemented?

I just put all of these issues under the header “browser implementation issue.” :wink:


Unless there are good reasons against it I think the same limits as on the old site would be the best starting point.


Hello Jon,
Sorry if this question has been asked and answered already.
I selected ‘Summits’ to check which were remaining unchased summits in GW land.
I tried to log in using my username/password which worked on the old system but was not recognised??


Could we go back to the old format/login please?



Mike you need to reregister with the new website. Be careful though as you need alpha numeric and a character in the password.



Thanks Glyn.



Just a small point but would it be possible to make the number of entries per page settable as a preference? Currently it defaults back to 25 every time you move away from a particular list. Or maybe it’s only me that finds this tedious :-s

Many thanks

73 de Paul G4MD (enjoying the new system more now I’ve clocked you need to put your regionally-modified callsigns in the alternative callsigns box to get functionality of your activate/chase stats for summits across non-home associations - would be really handy if the software could work out that G4MD is also GW4MD, GM4MD, HB9/G4MD etc. too…)


No. It’s not worth the effort IMHO, just enter your calls. You have to do it once when you setup the account and every time you visit somewhere new.


I can’t comment on the effort involved in implementing “core callsign” recognition but lack of it is an inconvenience and I’ll bet it’s a niggle that will continue to catch people out. Perhaps the requirement could be made more explicit on the set-up page.


Not working at all for me at the moment, just says “no search results found” for all distances :frowning:

I’ve enjoyed watching my nearest unactivated summits start to include EI, F, ON, PA etc. but as I move north up GM the idea of taking the quest for uniques beyond my native shores becomes more attractive :slight_smile: With this in mind I’d like to see it handle a distance of say up to 500km (though I’ll admit I may be a somewhat extreme case…)

73 de Paul G4MD


Hi Paul,
When you enetered your location in your account profile, are you sure you got the lat & long the right way around? I saw this error when I put mine in, in the wrong order (doh).



Hi Ed

No, I was very careful to get them the right way round (which to my mind is the wrong way round but maybe that’s just me…) What I’d not done was put the - in :frowning: So thanks for prompting me to go and check again… Double D’Oh…

73 de Paul G4MD

(Looks like the limit is now 150 summits which doesn’t get me past the SP’s… passed those years ago…)


Can I point out that you only need to do this if

  • you have a UK call which changes as you move (i.e. M0FMF MM0FMF MW0FMF etc.)
  • you use a club call
  • you update your call and want your previous details to appear.

My entry has M0FMF MW0FMF GS3PYU GX3PYU and this works for my UK activations. If I look at LX for example, my activation appears for LX-001.


When I get in to the new site, sometimes I have to login sometimes I don’t, I get different results.

While in the Region section I see all the summits listed and which ones I have activated and chased with both callsigns.
But while in the search by distance it shows the correct summits but does not show my activations and chases correctly. Example from my QTH with 25km distance I have 8 summits all that I have activated and chased most of them but it only shows me as having activated 2 summits and chased none.