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N7lp latest n.a. goat


Big congrats to Lee, N7LP, Arizona’s latest mountain goat, on Mount Ord, third peak of the day!
Well done, Lee, and welcome to the herd! BAAA!


Congratulations Lee. Tks for all the QSO’s during your journey to MG.

73 Rich N4EX


Congratulations Lee!

Roland K7FOP


Congratulations! It is always a pleasure to work you.




A big congrats to Lee, N7LP for achieving Mtn GOAT status today! Great job Lee!

Looking forward to the W7A GOAT Celebration!



Congratulations, Lee! You’ve really been racking up the summits!!


Congratulations Lee! Best of luck on the road to double goat (and supporting KB7CWV to her goat).


Most awesome Lee! You have been on a true MG quest lately, well done! I’m looking forward to the celebration party!

73 de KR7RK


Congrats, Lee! Hope to catch you on the air again soon!



Congratulations, Lee.


Well done and congratulations!

Paul M/W6PNG


Great job Lee! Congratulations!

73, Bud N7CW


Congratulations, Lee! That was one heck of a run to the finish line! Look forward to some good stories at your goat celebration!

–Chris K7TAB


Great Job Lee! Congratulations and thanks for the chaser points.
73, Gary


Congratulations, Lee, and welcome to the AZ herd (#10)! It has been a long journey since your activation of W7A/PN-065 back in October 2014! I salute the steadfastness you have demonstrated in the achievement of your goal and look forward to hearing you from many more summits in the years to come! Baaaaaaaa!!

Paul K9PM


Congrats Lee! Well done!

73 Jim/K7MK


Congratulations Lee on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations Lee on becoming a Mountain Goat



Big congrats Lee and was glad I could be in the group of 4 that did it for you. Always a pleasure to get you in the log ( and Lin also)

73/Tommy W7RV


Thanks everyone, I look back when I started, my first activation was awash with only 2 contacts and no points, but I didn’t let that discourage me. My greatest coach and encourager was my wife Lin, KB7CWV, who climbed every summit with me.
Being a diabetic made it a little more challenging and the reason Lin came with me on each summit. However, in the process, she started activating half way through my journey and became hooked as well and now feels the drive to get her Goat also.
Thank you to all the chasers that made it possible and now I will be accompanying Lin to her Goat.