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Modes FRS etc


Some friends and family have FRS radios. In an attempt to get them involved in SOTA and possibly amature radio, I am wondering if this mode would count as long as all the SOTA criteria are met. They would have no call sign, but neither do SWLs In other words if it is a legal radio mode, does it count?


In reply to KB1TBW:

I assume FRS is something like CB.

As things stand, Doug, they would be unable to enter contacts as activators in the database as they do not have ham callsigns. I imagine that they can only contact other FRS users which might be somewhat limiting.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:

The Family Radio Service (FRS) is a walkie talkie radio system authorized in the United States since 1996. It uses radios similar to our 466MHz licence free service ie: milliwatts on UHF. Modification such as better antennas is forbidden and their use in attempting DX contacts is frowned upon. They are suitable for inter property comms and not a lot more. They are basically toys but there is a bit of a cult following that use passive antenna mods to try and work further afield. All similar to what we have here in effect, CB on a different frequency.

Steve GW7AAV


Although not valid, some fun could be had with a pre-arrange schedule. Wanting to prove a communication link for another purpose, I worked Bredon Hill to Clent Hill, a distance of spot on 40km with PMR446 (idelntical to FRS but slightly different frequencies). However this says more about the hills and low land between than the quality of the radios.



In reply to G8ADD:

Thanks for the reply. I was assuming they would be chasers, working with a sched. Just trying to get more people, into SOTA/Amateur Radio



They couldn’t be chasers either Doug. Both the activator and chaser sections of SOTA are for licensed radio amateurs, on the amateur radio bands.

If they heard a SOTA activation taking place, and logged it, they could enter the SWL section. But even that wouldn’t occur on the FRS sets, as they don’t cover the amateur radio frequencies.

SOTA has inspired a number of people over hear to become licensed radio amateurs - maybe it can have that effect where you are too.



In reply to KB1TBW:

Have a look at this site Doug. Click on distance records.


Mike 2E0YYY