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Magnum Rally, Irvine


First of all, well done to Barry GM4TOE, Andy MM0MFM and Jack GM4COX for manning the SOTA stand at the rally. I’m sure more future activators (or chasers)will have been pointed in the right direction.

Great to see some of the Scottish activating contingent there, Robin GM7PKT, Graeme 2M0GIL, Neil 2M0NCM, Robert GM4GUF and briefly saw Allan MM1BJP in the passing but couldn’t get to speak with him also Steve GM7UAU who is always first to give the activators a call.John GM8OTI who I unfortunately missed.

If I’ve missed anyone, oops !!

A great SOTA presence, thanks lads.



In reply to GM7GAX:

If I’ve missed anyone, oops !!
You obviously missed my nice new SOTA t-shirt, proudly worn!!

It was great to be able to put faces to the voices that I hear (I first worked Jack GM4COX in 1978, not quite SOTA S2S but definitely hilltop to hilltop.)

A very useful rally that, I picked up lots of good bits for my future microwave activities, hopefully many from SOTA summits.



In reply to GM8OTI:


My apologies !!!

Obviously our paths never crossed during the day…



In reply to GM7GAX:

No apologies needed or expected - it was a busy rally, I didn’t get to see everyone either!

But well done to the SOTA folk there, especially those manfully manning the stand, it was a good display and on the occasions I went by there were interested looking people at the stand - it looked fairly busy to me.



In reply to GM8OTI:

Yes, it was good to be able to put faces to the voices and callsigns. I was at the stand with Jack GM4COX and Barry GM4TOE. Visitors included Graeme 2M0GIL, Robert GM4GUF, Bob GM7GAX, Robin GM7PKT, John GM8OTI, Allan MM1BJP and Steve GM7UAU. If I’ve missed anyone off then I apologise now, it’s not personal, I’m just starting have senior moments more often!

Lot’s of chattering and discussions about routes and equipment. The most talked about item being Jack’s all purpose telescopic VHF dipole which is best described with a picture except I didn’t think on and take one. I’ll get Jack to send me one. The next most commented item was the projector we had showing the presentations, a tiny thing about the size of an FT817 rather than the fairly bulky items most people are used to!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello.



My apologies gents for my absence at the Rally, I was trying to win brownie point for the XYL (DIY duty), this should extend my activation times later.

It looks like all the active GM stations were at sea level for a change!
and don’t forget guys, the Lorn Rally in Crainlarich, is on the 1st of Aug, hope to see some of you there.

And the day was not a complete loss, I managed sneak out to activate Culter Fell SS-049 for its 4 points later in the afternoon.