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Made it 1000 Chaser Points Today


Many thanks to John G4TQE for his activation of GW/NW-032 today which gave me the remaining 4 points I needed to get my Shack Sloth award using all bands.

Also my sincere thanks to the many activators that I have worked since October of 2015, its been a very enjoyable journey, I will continue to chase as the bulk of my points were earned from 2m fm only contacts, which account for 954 of the 1000 points as of today, so not many more to go to be classed as a 2m vhf only Sloth.

Now I really must get my best foot forward & concentrate more on the activating, I have a very long way to go for that goat award !

73s all.



Nice one and all on 10w as well. Good going.
Won’t tell ya what i have reached on 10w and wire antenna’s.
But keep at it and dizzy heights can be reached :slight_smile:
Karl M3FEH


Great stuff Neil. You must have a fair few of those points from me on G/SP-015 hi.

Definitely get yourself into the activating. That’s where the real fun is. I’ve been at the SOTA activating over 15 years, and still find it enjoyable to the point of exhilarating!


Congrats Neil, and thank you for all the 2m FM contacts along the way.

Looking forward to an S2S or two…



Well done Neil !

73 Ed DD5LP.


Well done Neil. Thanks for that 4th contact today from GW/NW-032 and all the contacts in the past on 2m FM.

John G4TQE


Congratulations Neil on achieving Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY


Well done!


Congrats, Neil!
I’ll be looking forward to being chased by you on HF some day.



Many thanks for the kind words guys, I look forward to adding to our QSO count going forward.

With activating more in mind I took delivery of one of those new vertical HF wire antenna kits from the QPR guys yesterday & I put it together this afternoon so that will get a run out very soon.

I’ve also got a shorter lightweight 4m flag pole from sotabeams to use with my slim Jim antenna & FT60 on 2m for the days where I need to travel light.

Looking forward to a good summer & more time out on the hills, I hope to bump into some of you out there.



Awesome. I m up to 100.


Good going ,Neil ! Congrats on your 1000 points. Glad you are really enjoying Sota. All the best. de Scotty KG3W


Congrats from Tennessee!!!


Well done Neil, I’m glad that I have been able to help your total on many, many occasions. I suspect they were mainly little hills but every single point is welcomed as you crawl towards the total. I’m sorry that I haven’t helped very much recently but the fine weather (what fine weather?) has only occurred on days I was stuck elsewhere. The forecasts have also been…dire (took me a long time to find a 4 letter word that the MT would allow on the reflector!) which is why we didn’t go out yesterday morning - which turned out to be fine in South Wales after all. We will be out in the next month or so, despite the end of the winter bonus, as we want to keep some fitness and to get out in the fresh air. I’ll try and give you some of those 2m vhf points that we value so much. It has been a pleasure talking to you and I look forward to the next time.

73 Viki M6BWA


Many thanks to Jimmy M0HGY on G/SP-013 today who made my 1000 points on VHF only, so a VHF sloth as well now & certificate claimed.

Thanks to all who have sent good wishes, working on the Goat trophy now, which will take considerably longer to achieve I’m sure.

Catch you all from a summit sometime soon.



Hi Neil,

I am pleased to have given you the chaser point to needed to get Shack Sloth on VHF only, congratulations once again.

Jimmy M0HGY