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Log on problem


Is there a problem with logging on to the database?
I am trying to log some chaser contacts but keep getting looped back to the log on page before I can complete.


Constant errors when entering activation qso data

I am having the same problem trying to log chaser points.


Yes there is a problem
I went to logn my Contacts from yesterday
looped back to the log on page
guess I will wait
Dow W4DOW W4V Chaser


Just put into mine EA2/TE-019 ok

not problem this side



There’s something funny going on but I don’t know yet. The timeout should be 10mins but it’s a lot less than that. I’ll raise a ticket if it doesn’t fix itself. But at present, there’s nothing I can do. Perhaps everyone can leave the DB alone for an hour rather than hammering it seeing if you can beat it into submission?


Same problem here


Likewise at 1230utc on 12 Oct.