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Is FB trying to tell us something?


Over on the SOTA Facebook page the following was posted, which has been automatically translated from Portuguese to English. :smiley:

Luckily you can view the original post, which actually looks like this:

Well it made me laugh…



Too funny.



Indeed, CU is “ass” in portuguese. In radioamateur’s portuguese world we used to spell as “Ce U” instead of “ass”!

Someone has to take those prefixes… :smile:

Proudly, CU3HF/CT1DBS


So Pete/Pedro what are we really saying here that the Activation involved a CUTE Ass?, - hi-hi!

Good one es 73

Jack (;>J


Hi Jack

Indeed! Doesn’t matter to where you look, in Azores you will have always a wonderful view. :smile:
(except in some circumstances, of course!)

Vy 73