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Help needed! So close to the Everest award now


Evening all,
I have 10 days left to qualify for the Everest award, and still need 2400m. With this in mind I will be leaving home at 0230 on Sunday 9th of August, heading for Wasdale. If the weather and lungs allow, my intention is to collect Great Gable, Kirk Fell and Pillar in a round robin walk. First choice is 2m SSB, and if time and conditions allow, a more leisurely 20,40,60 and maybe 80m rag chew on Pillar. If anybody can hear me, I would appreciate a qualifying shout.
Hope to speak to you in the morning.



Well, what can I say.
Thank you so much to all the chasers who called in on my three summit expedition yesterday. Walking conditions were less than favourable, but the huge pile ups and moral boosting messages made the 2.30am set off from home worthwhile.
Thanks again everybody, couldn’t have done it without you!
G4YTD (/P mostly)


Hi Tim
well done on yesterday’s activations and thanks for a couple of “uniques” for me as well !
Sorry about your WX - as I said to you, over here in the “east” it was sunny for a change !
Glad you enjoyed the successful day, despite the early start

Graham G3OHC


In reply to G4YTD:

Well Done Tim, and thanks for S2S with you yesterday from NW-049

Real Shame WX could have been better for you!!




In reply to G4YTD:
Hi Tim,
Pleased to work you on all three of your summits. You were a good signal on 2m ssb in Cheltenham; wonder what kit you were using?
Congratulations on an excellent conclusion to your Everest award. I bet that beer went down well at Wasdale.


In reply to G4YTD:
Well done Tim :slight_smile:
Sorry I missed last one - granddaughter requested my presence for tea.
It’s very difficult to turn down a request from a three year old :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG


Hi Graham
Pleased to give you a couple of uniques on Sunday. Thanks for all the contacts over the last year.


Hi Tony
Good to work you S2S too. I managed 5 S2S for the day out, 24 points and aching legs!
Happy days, heres to the next one.


Hi Frank
Thanks for persevering with all three on Sunday, It’s always good to hear you.
I was using my trusty and battle scarred FT857, around 40 to 50 watts (depending which summit), a home brew 4 ele lightweight yagi, and power from 2x 7Ah Slabs. The kit weighed slightly more than my waterlogged clothes!
The second high point of the day (after gaining enough height for the award!) was the exiting exit down the screes off Pillar.
A great day out.
Thanks for calling in.


Hi Roger
The peaks will be there tomorrow, but three year olds grow up so fast, enjoy them while you can.
Good to catch you on two though.
Thanks for calling in.