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Help - I'm Confused


Earlier, I worked WA2USA/P (Dennis) on W4T/SU-025 - Little Bald Knob (1359 M) - 10 points. Now, within a few minutes he is on W4C/CM-047 - Little Bald Knob (1359 M)- 6 points. Both summits have the same lat/long so appear to be the same place. It is possible to work the same activator on what appears to be the same physical summit on the same day?

Regards, Dave, G6DTN


In reply to M0DFA:

Yes if the summit is on the border between two countries, no if the summit is on the border between two Associations in one country, so this appears as if it might be an invalid summit that has crept in under the radar. Look to see one reference being deleted soon!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:

Thanks, Brian. I won’t try to work him for the second time, then. He’s a bit too fast for me anyway.

73s de Dave, G6DTN


In reply to KD9KC:
3.6.2 Deletion of Summits
A Summit will be deleted if it fails to meet the criteria (e.g. due to more accurate mapping). Existing credits for the summit, for activation prior to its deletion, will be retained.


In reply to KD9KC:
They count, Mike - go for it!!!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to KD9KC:

I hope you make it, Mike - and then there are plenty of empty seats in the Supersloth club!

Nice rig, BTW!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to M0DFA:
Summits on the border of two associations can be valid if they are different DXCCs e.g. OE/BL-001 2 points and HA/ND-001 8 points - its the same summit exactly on the OE/HA border. However where summits like W4T/SU-025 and W4C/CM-047 exist on the border of two associations that are in the same DXCC only one can be valid and that has to be resolved. I have provided the association managers of the relevant W-associations with a list of the duplicates and asked them to resolve which should be deactivated.
73 Jim G0CQK


Jim G0CQK is aware of these pairs of duplicate summits and many others here in the US. He sent the association managers an E-mail on Oct 23 and asked them to decide for themselves which summits will remain and which will be deactivated. I expect that will happen soon, so it looks like Dennis WA2USA got lucky and made it in before the deactivation dates. Jim’s E-mail also confirms that no one loses points for activation dates prior to the deactivation dates.

When I put together the data for the 3,509 new W6 summits, I checked along our borders with OR, NV and AZ to make sure we didn’t have any like that. However, I somehow missed a duplicate with a NV summit. Our AM Adrian N6ZA is now going to deactivate it. It’s out on the other side of Death Valley so I don’t think anyone will miss it.


Eric KU6J

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