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hampager / DAPNET Sota Spots


For those of you how want to do SOTA without mobile phone, here is a possible solution to get spots in the field without using the internet.

Since today all spots on SOTAWatch are forwarded to the rubric spots-sota. Content view

DAPNET (Decentralized Amateur Paging Network), more information found at https://hampager.de/. The network is currently starting to grow all over the world.

The SOTA rubric is 46 if you might already have a pager.

Please let me know if you miss some information, currently the frequency, call, mode and summit are send.

vy 73 de Thomas HB9GVC


Hi Thomas,
I’ve been watching the old Pocsag based systems come back to the fore with Dapnet - which I think is great. what would be even better is if there were a way to use the texting function which is already in DMR HTs with the DAPNET network. Do you know if anyone is working on that? It might be possible using an MMDVM based modem/hotspot/repeater controller board. I don’t have the skillset to develop this myself unfortunately.

73 Ed.

Also the pagers on eBay that I can see listed as for conversion to 70cm or 2m Dapnet (is there a 2m Dapnet?) - appear to be receive only - do some have a keyboard to be able to send a SOTA spot from a summit? Which models would these be? Or is the concept receive only - so you see all the spots scroll through from SOTAWatch on the pager and them spot yourself via SMS?


Hi Ed,

I use APRS on my FT2 to send the Spot and the pager ist receive only.

The 2m variant is vor Italy due to local regulations.

vy 73 Thomas


OK if the pager is receive only, (there used to be ones that sent as well back in the 70s I’m pretty sure), then it needs to be combined with a simple phone with SMS to be able to self spot.

Great to see Amateur radio bring back the pager in any case - I wonder who thought that up - perhaps someone who found a whole lot of pagers for next to no cost!

By the way, I believe in the UK, the doctors and hospitals still use pagers, but no one else does - any comments from the UK residents?

73 Ed.


Pagers have a niche use still. Useful to contact people who work in an environment where having an RF source is not viable such as intrinsically safe requirements and the batteries tend to last months not hours like a modern phone.

There is a common conception with non-technical people that old technology is inferior.


Not only with non-technical people Andy.
The number of times I’ve use the well worn phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” with colleagues, I’ve lost count of!



The RNLI has its own paging system for crews


is the simple solution not call cq then ask who ever answers your call ask them to spot you?

martin 2m0kau


Hi Martin,
i think you misread the post - Thomas is RECEIVING other peoples spots via the Pager - not self spotting his own activation.

73 Ed.


ah right now i understand

martin 2m0kau