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Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2018 - SOTA Dinner


The time for the dinner and QSL wall meeting are UTC or local time ?

73 Joe


Must be local time!
73, Sylvia


The SOTA meet-up at the QSL wall is every day at 12 noon local time. There tends to be less people there on Sunday but Friday and Saturday are often quite busy. Saturday fits well before the SOTA presentations in the afternoon.

The SOTA Dinner is at the Gasthof zum Goldenen Kreuz Burgweiler Str. 2 in Wilhelmsdorf-pfrungen at 6pm local on Friday 1st. June. Prize draw at 7pm.

73 Ed.


You’ll recognize DIZ by the yellow-green Adlerspatz badge, hi.


SOTA Dinner now in progress - around 25 licenced Hams and XYLs present at this venue. SOTA is talking…

Thank you to Ed DD5LP for organising an excellent and most congenial event.

73 Phil


Hi Phil
You enjoy the evening, but look after Andy FMF, enjoy.


Yes Ken, without Andy where would we be in SOTA? A fine fellow if ever there was one…

He looked well enough today and was full of his FL/VO adventure… He will have been swanning down in Friedrichshafen tonight I imagine, not wanting to drive to the hotel dinner which was near to (the recently well activated) Hocksten DM/BW-854 about 20 miles north of the town.

I will buy him a beer tomorrow at the show if he cares to take lunch in my presence!

73 Phil


I want to join Phil in thanking Ed for the organisation of this great event! We had a good time!

73, Heinz, OE5EEP


Thank for the kind words Phil.

Ed did ask me if I wanted to attend and I certainly would like to meet and talk with everyone as I can imagine it was good fun. Yes driving is a pain but the real reason is that I’ve been coming to this rally for nearly 30 years with the same group of guys. But now we live much more spread out around Europe so we only all get to meet up here. As none of us came last year to we hadn’t seen each other for 2 years and there was a huge amount to catch up on, so they got first call on my time. Maybe next year as one guy who now lives in EA5 is about to start activating SOTA.

Even though I wasn’t there I’d like to thank Ed for organising this dinner. At first hand it seems trivial to organise. But if you ever try you will realise how much work is needed to pick venue, book the tables, and then keep the event in everyone’s mind. Ed’s been driving this along for months so he does deserve the thanks.


Many thanks for organizing the event, Ed! It was a pleasure to meet all the SOTA people.

73 de Robert, DL5RT


You’re all very welcome as regards the dinner, I was happy to arrange it. What I find surprising is that witnh each year, i have been moving further and further out of Friedrichshafen itself and each year there are more people attending!

This year we had twenty and took up and extra table at the hotel. As the weather was so nice, we were sat outside sheltered by a wall and a roof but still definitely in the garden.

The hotel I used is where Phil, two other SOTA activators from Austria and I stayed. I was a very pleasant stay but indeed it was a 30-35 minute drive out from FN. Despite that I’ll most likely book the same hotel for next year - I wonder if we can fill all 9 of its hotel room with SOTA fans next year?

Before I forget - thanks to Richard G3CWI for the tombola prizes.

73 Ed.


Looks like you’re having a ball, would be great to join you next year!