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Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2018 - SOTA Dinner


Ed, I’ll have 5 element’s at about 60 feet and 400 watts on 20 metres but can try other bands too.

Will have a look around 13:00 during the week see if any European signals about. I did get EA6LU this afternoon LP so that was good.

Have a great event.


John VK6NU


HI Ed / All

I activated two FL/NO summits today and we are currently in the Meuse area of France on our way to the restaurant hotel at Pfrungen - we get there on Tuesday and will stay at the same hotel for 5 nights. On Sunday we will leave and head for the FL/VO region for 6 nights in a Gite. I have 2m FM in the car - if anyone is activating in the area thsi week give a call on 2m FM. I wonder which is the best 2m FM freq to monitor in the region for SOTA activity? Maybe 145.550?

I will activate Hochsten on a different day to Friday, and also hope to operate on summits near Bregenz in the OE/VB and near Constance in the HB/TG as well as a few of the DM/BW summits as me and my XYL Judy are travelling around the area sightseeing.

73 Phil


I saw your spots Phil and listened for you - unfortunately I could hear nothing!

145.500 is the FM calling frequency and is often used on activations, 2nd choice would be 145.550.

Drop me a private note if you have any issues getting to Hoechsten but it looks like a very easy accessible summit with perhaps a 500 metre walk from the car park. I guess too many tourists in the good weather may be the biggest problem.

By the way, in case you hadn’t realised it Thursday here is a public holiday so shops, banks etc. will be closed.

73 Ed,


WX forecast for Thursday-Sunday doesn’t look to good. In fact WX forecast is for lots of showers and thunderstorms from when I arrive till departure. :frowning:


It’s a good job that everything is inside for the show then and lets hope we can get the activations in, in between the showers.

German weather forecasts tend in this area to be a day out - i.e. the rain comes a day earlier or a day later than forecast!



I have just had reports from different sources that Friday could be really wet (38 litres of water per sq. metre totalled over the whole day). Temperatures on Friday are expected to get up to 18 degrees, so it could be quite humid. The dinner will of course still take place on Friday evening, but it could be wise to move activations of one or both of the two local summits to a different day (Sunday looks like the best weatherwise, at the moment). I would suggest all activate independantly when they can and when the weather allows.

Everything at the Friedrichshafen Messe is indoors, so that’s not a problem.

73 Ed.


“You were telt” as they say where my XYL comes from :slight_smile:

It’s a bummer when this happens. My 1st days in FL/VO look like being dodge the rain and lightening. :frowning:


One of these days I will attend, but not sure what year, we have driven for many years on the continent but one of these year we will be there.
Just Enjoy the Event.


Just posted “a few” alerts … 28 in total :wink:
Not sure if I will make it on all summits, depends on WX as mentioned above … I have packed my SOTA umbrella, bothy bag, ponchos, and what have you … and a large clear plastic container in which I can safely operate the KX3 even in pouring rain (but maybe not in storm wind).
Leaving tomorrow 05:30 local time (03:30 UTC).
I’ll stick to my usual 2m frequency of 145.525 FM, both in the car and portable on the summit.
APRS is on with call ON7DQ (no suffix).
Hope to hear many chasers and make a lot of S2S qso’s !
CU all in FN !
73 - Luc


Hello Luc will be waiting for you, hopefully many connections from South Tyrol to DL.

73 markus, in3adf


We may actually bump into each other in person rather than on the air…


Hi! We will be there too… F4HPV F4HOD F6HBI
summits will be crowded.
See you at the QSl wall.


Hi Gerald - by “there too” do you just mean Ham Radio FN / Summit activations or are you coming to the SOTA dinner? (that would be nice if you can).

73 Ed.


No idea ED,
We leave Nice city (near 3A2) tomorrow morning and we will follow the Wind.
First go to Ham Radio, meet friends; we probably activate some summit if we
are able to discover the places, and may join the dinner if time left!
We probably stay 3 or 4 days if wx permits!
73 Gerald F6HBI


OK, no worries Gerald - I’ll add the three of you as possible attendees on my list.

73 Ed.


Nothing on LP 20 metres heard here in VK6, will be listening again tomorrow and out operating on Saturday.


John VK6NU


Will be there on Friday at the QSL wall at 12:00 as usual.

73, Milos S57D


. . . is 1200 at the QSL wall also on Saturday? Will be @FN only on Saturday.

Tnx es vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


I´ll be driving to Friedrichshafen now and will visit DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg if the WX stays fine. Will arrive at approx. 12:30z. QRV 145.500 FM, later also 40m. Pse chase or join :wink:
vy 73 de OE9TKH, Tom


Yes, it’s definitely Saturday at 12.00 at the QSL wall! Look forward to seeing you there ;-))

73, Sylvia