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GW/NW-021 and others GW4VPX


Hi everyone. Just to let you know that I’ve just posted a report on my blog http://gw4vpx.blogspot.co.uk/ of my latest activation of Rhobell Fawr GW/NW-021 as well as another 8 reports…been busy on the hills lately :slight_smile: 73 Allan GW4VPX

Qualifying the summit with a flurry of s2s on 2m (Rhobell Fawr)


Hello Allan,
You have been busy on the keyboard :wink: Thanks for the reports and summits.
As I write a hail storm beating against the window aided by 30-40mph winds.
Some of your pictures compared to here almost look tropical!


Hi Mike

Yes, stormy here also but that has meant that I have been able to ‘hit the keyboard’… literally sometimes when Blogger wasn’t behaving :slight_smile: Looks like we are stuck with this weather for a few more days but I’m hoping to be out next week on a summit…we’ll see.

73 Allan


Hi Allan,

Good stuff. We have Storm Kate arriving overnight 8-(

The only thing I have come across as regards contests next weekend which may cause a few problems is:



35 - so,
NW001, NW002, SW001, SW041 and SW028 should do it. :blush:

Mike g0hio


Hi Mike HIO…checking up on me :smile:

I think it will be more like a mixture to include Helvellyn, Skiddaw and NW…then Frenni Fawr to finish off where it all started with a party…not sure yet as this wx keeps messing things up. Regards to Linda

73 Allan GW4VPX


Good report Allan. Thanks for your part in our little S2S party. I’ll use your route info when I visit Rhobell Fawr.
The weather was indeed dire. Dad, Tom and I reached the ridge leading to Moel Dyniewyd GW/NW-056 on Saturday 26th when we became blasted by horizontal, sharp rain and had difficulty balancing on our feet. We could see the summit just a quarter of a mile away. There was a dip to descend then a near vertical ascent up wet grass and rock to do. For the first time in 268 activations, I said “Let’s abandon this - it’s not worth the risk”. We went on the Ffestiniog railway in the afternoon. Sunday’s forecast (today) on MWIS was one of the worst I’ve seen so I abandoned an activation of Mynydd Mawr GW/NW-026 before we even started. We came home, stopping in Llangollen to visit the wonderful Pro Adventure outdoor pursuits shop as a consolation.

48 points to go… Ymlaen a ni!

David / Dei MW0YDH/p


Hi David

Sorry that your activations did not work out but you made the right decision. I hope you didn’t spend too much in Llangollen :slight_smile: The s2s party was great fun as always but we must get that joint activation organised over the next few weeks. I will be in touch.

73 Allan.


Thanks both (also Tom and John, MW0XOT) for the s2s session; we had no idea this would happen. We were doing a long walk (Rhos Fach to Chwarel via Waun Fach) and had switched the HHs on in the hope of a contact with Allan only to find s2s in full flow. Apologies to whoever had the frequency before our intervention as all seemed to converge on it as soon as we made our presence known.

Waun Fach is amazing now; not only is the posh path extended some way to the north but I don’t recall the summit area ever being so dry and firm. When we last went there was a half-metre of snow everywhere and we just dug ourselves in on the sharp final slope.

Now training for Scotland so casual s2s only when planned long walks permit.

Week ahead not looking very good.


When John MW0XOT said he was on MW-032 I was surprised and asked John if he’d seen the estate staff. No none. Perhaps the Earl of Powys makes sure everyone goes to church on Good Friday?
David M0YDH


Well Allan the storm arrived. Power now restored 1645BST today after 15 hours out. Mobile cover also went but still have landlines here. Quite grim but damage limited at first survey to a couple of fence sections snapped. Now have to check out antenna. Just looked at the spots seems to have been busy - oh well :wink:
Hope to hear you on the next one.

Edit update: Well weather station recorded at 0300 76mph gusts and antenna check out ok so lucky :wink:


Great blog postings Allan!

Very interesting read, glad to see you using 2m FM to much success at the moment.
I think an overnighter is due to Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire to join you on Frenni Fawr. I will bring the Beer!!


Matt G8XYJ


Interesting report Allan from an area close to my heart !
I had not realised the number of QSOs you made on this trip - about 50 - it that normal ?
Look forward to the next one.


Hi Matt

Ok Matt…we will organise something as it would be nice if I could take Tristan MW3VJN, Roy GW6DGU and Aled MW3DLA with us as they came with me on that first activation (it would be a weekend). However, to throw a spanner in the works it also looks as if I might make it when I’m up in LD? Anyway, do come down as I need to do the group of one pointers around Pembrokeshire and you need to add a few more points to your score :smile:

73 Allan


Hi Steve

Yes, it is normal for me and more at times. Lately I’ve only been using 60/40m ssb with 2m-fm as I’ve been on a mission and also the hill tops are rather cold at the moment :slight_smile: If ‘band conditions’ allow, the weather is kind and if I visit 20/15m then numbers usually go up (will be back to doing that soon). Each activator has his/her activation agenda and use various approaches to their activation some doing a ‘Hit and Run’ of the summit, single band operation, cw only and so forth…

Within the SOTA Database you can see how many contacts each activator has had on a given summit and who they actually contacted…you can cross reference your contact with that of the activator. Hope this helps.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Hi Allan,
That is another resource on the SOTA database I was not aware of !


You need to log in and then when viewing any activators log you can select the “show analysis” box and you get a breakdown on bands/modes. If there is a Y then 4 or more contacts on that band/mode were made otherwise you get the number made.


tks for that - very interesting/informative