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G4DDL trip to Harz Mountains


Hi All,

I am in the Harz for a few days starting next weekend (31st May). I will not have spotlite and maybe limited access to the Web for Sotawatch. If you do hear me on 7032 or 10116, please spot me on Sotawatch.

Not sure which summits I shall activate yet but will try to visit an Internet Cafe and post something in advance.

I will have the KX1 and the FT817 so other bands are available and I will try 6m if it is open enough.

73 Mike G4DDL


In reply to G4DDL:
Hallo Mike,
welcome here in the Harz mountains. I hope we have a qso on 2m to the weekend.

73 Matthias


In reply to DL1JMS:
Don’t think he will be using the microphone, ====
If you do hear me on 7032 or 10116, please spot me on Sotawatch.=======
I will have the KX1 and the FT817 so other bands are available and I will try 6m if it is open enough.

Unless he buy’s a microphone only cw.

Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB :
Hi Steve,

I have a mike on the FT817 and the VX7!

However my favourite mode is indeed CW and for working UK probably the only mode with 5W max.

I have been speaking to Matthias off this reflector and we are hoping to make some 2m QSOs too! I am only taking FM up the Brocken as it is a long walk in. The XYL 2E1FKA is hoping to let the train take the strain HI!

Hope to work you from DL/G4DDL/P and I will try SSB on 40m if I can find a quiet spot somewhere, preferably above 7100. MY first call each day will be on 7032 then 2m FM to get a DL to spot me on this site.


Mike G4DDL


In reply to G4DDL:

Hallo Mike,
es ist vom Wetter her Sonnenschein angekündigt. Wanderst du von Torfhaus zum Brocken??? Wir waren letzen Sonntag wandern im Brockengebiet (ohne Funk).
Ich höre auf 145.575 auf 2m und 40m.

73 Matthias DL1JMS


In reply to G4DDL:

I will try 6m if it is open enough.

Hi Mike - caution, portable 6m is illegal in DL, and I think the CEPT-lis don’t contain 50 MHz.

73 and nice trip, Mario


We spent a holiday im Harz 2 years ago, beautiful area. Also visited Brocken but I was not familiar with SOTA yet then. Pity :o)



In reply to G4DDL:
Thanks for the QSO from DM/NS-089 today on 30m CW.


In reply to SM1TDE:

Thanks to you and all the others for QSOs especially those who made several of my 6 summits.
Apologies for early stops and occaisional deafness but there were some horrendous thundertorms in the area all week. On saturday (7th) we had taken 3.5 hours to reach Dicker Kopf (NS 087) having set out to NS088 and failed to get there due to paths blocked by trees! After only 25 mins of operating and about 29 QSOs had to hurry to safety! Met 6 fire engines going up whilst we were descending!

More news later and photos to be uploaded. I will try to load my logs into the database tonight.

Sorry to miss QSO with Matthias, I called on severaL 2M fm Channels with no result but worked a few DL stations on 2m SSB, best DX was Steinberg in N Harz to Nuremburg!!! Not bad for about 5W out to a 3ele yagi (good ol’ SOTA Beam, thanks Richard)

150 plus QSOs in log, could have made more but WX limited on at least 2 occasions. Visited Brocken (by train) but no QSOs due to Thunderstorm and not having walked up, would not have counted any way!

Best Summit by far

Achtermann Hohe. A real treat with stunning views and a pleasant walk in!

73 to all
Mike G4DDL


In reply to G4DDL:

Hi Mike
Thank you for 5 out of your 6 summits. Cannot imagine how 1 got away. Must have been lunch-time. Hi. You were generally a very good signal here on the east coast but the summer conditions are very difficult to predict and 15 minutes can make the difference between hearing and not.



In reply to G4DDL:

Hi Mike

Great job in DL and a pleasure to work you from so many of the six, not sure how many I got you on, poss five out of six, will check my log later.



In reply to G4DDL:

It was a pleasure to work you on 5 of the summits Mike. You made 150 chasers very happy in spite of fallen trees and thunderstorms.



Did you taste the big bowl of soup and bratwurst at the stand near the railway station before getting on the train to the summit of Brocken? We did … :o)



In reply to ON3WAB:

Yes I had the soup in the restaurant at Drei Annen Hohe, very good too, but after the trip not before!

A great day out and a chance to see some super little steam trains too!

Pity about the thunder, we were chased out of the Radome where I was busy taking pictures of the antennae by a very anxious member of staff who was afraid I would be fried!!!


Mike G4DDL