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G/LD-049 Today


Hi All,

Many thanks to all the stations I worked today.

WX was great, the sun was warm, wind dropped to nothing, dog was having fun and I worked lots of stations too, it doesn’t get much better.

Having a flat battery after a SOTA is like comming back from Spain after spending all your Euro’s, you know that you’ve had a good time.

Sorry Keith (M1VHT) it was me calling you on 144.310, but the battery was so flat the radio turned off every time I went to T.X.

See you all next time.




In reply to G0HIK:

Hi Nick,

Today’s QSO must have been one of the most frustrating I have ever made. You were fully readable Q5 when you were working Steve AAV and then your signal started a slow slide into the noise which was eventually terminal. Reminiscent of 60m! Certainly not the way I like to end a QSO. I was running around 80 watts out to a 5 element by the way. Hopefully have a better contact next time.

73, Gerald


In reply to G0HIK:
Hi Nick,
Great to work you so easily yesterday. Your qro system made for arm-chair copy down here in Cheltenham. Thank you for lugging the extra weight up the hill. Much appreciated in 'the deep south!) I’m sure Don (RQL) agrees.


In reply to G4OIG:

Well at least we made it Gerald, maybe the battery was failing before I realized and the power was decreasing.
I use a 7 AHr SLA, when I got home I measured it and the voltage was 12.5v I pressume the relative cold had got to it.




In reply to G3RMD:

It was a pleasure, it’s always good to work some D.X…