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G/LD-003 Helvellyn Apology


Sorry for anyone waiting to work me on G/LD-003 Helvellyn today. An accident on the A65 just before Gargrave held us up on route. A car and the stone bridge had a coming together, only one winner there.

We started out ascent from Wythburn Church and the going got worse the more height we gained. Approx half way up Nethermost Pike the snow and ice became quite severe. Daylight was also against us. It was a 50/50 decision to carry on but a family just ahead of us also made the decision to turn back. I could see the summit! So near but yet so far. Had I not had my son with me I would have made a dash for the summit. Safety first though and there will be other days. I will not scoff at ice picks and crampons again.

Also, if I had £1 for every person I saw ascending/descending the summit today wearing jeans I would be booking a holiday to some foreign destination right now.

73 Chris M0RSF


In reply to M0RSF:

Hi Chris,

Sorry you didn’t make it today, I was listening for you on 144.325 then I noticed the message on here saying you were only 1/3 of the way up at 2pm and might abort. I kept going back to 144.325 but nothing heard.

Glad you made it back home safe and sound, I will listen for you another time.

Happy SOTA. 73 de Mick M0MDA


In reply to M0MDA:

Cheers Mick,

I’ve not forgot either, I will drag you up a summit soon, nothing too substantial though.

73 Chris M0RSF


In reply to M0RSF:

Hi Chris,

I am up for it, would love to give it a go.

Cheers, 73 Mick M0MDA