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Evening Event 09/06/09


During the evening of Tuesday 9th June Furness Amateur Radio Society will activate G/LD-049. This is an event to take some of our members who are keen SOTA chasers to a summit to experience activation first hand. This year our objective is to “Get Bill on a Hill”. The Bill in question is G4USW, a call many regular activators will recognise as a chaser who is always there when needed. He claims not to be a serious chaser but as a Shack Sloth with 3000 odd points it seems about time he tried things from the other end. Several other regular chasers and activators should be active, as well as some of our newer callsign holders. Bands should be 5MHz,7MHz,10MHZ, 2m ssb,fm and possibly 70cms, more details in an alert later, after tonights meeting when we will decide what gear we are taking.
Start time should be around 1800z but is dependent on the rate of ascent. All of this will of course depend on the weather but there will be a spot to confirm we are going ahead. All of us would appreciate a call so if you’re about, please give us a shout and help "Get Bill on a Hill"
Thanks and 73


You should get some S2S opportunities Rob, because “Tuesday Night is SOTA Night” - or more commonly known as “SOTA Fun Evening”. Don’t forget that from 1900z, it is the RSGB 70cm activity contest, with loads of activity on 432MHz SSB. This will include SOTA activations from some or all of SP-015, NW-051, NP-028, CE-001. If any of you are still up there after 8pm local, and have 70cm SSB at your disposal, I should be most grateful for IO84!

There aren’t any alerts up yet, but I imagine there will be some 2m FM and possibly some HF activations on before 8pm too. Good luck with getting Bill on the Hill.

73, Tom M1EYP


In reply to G4RQJ:
Will be listening Rob - just enough time for you to make some 80m extensions for your dipole :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG


In reply to G4RQJ:

Well Done Rob!!

Its about time the old codger got out and done some work for a change (Hi Hi)

Armchair Static is his usual position, He has given me many of a chaser QSO and even spotted for me a couple of times!!

Would be a unique for me to get him in my log as an activator, Hopefully he wont need carrying to the Top !!! but may need help getting back down ( you have my permission to tell him this if he hasnt read it already).




Is the Kirkby Moor event still on for tonight? I don’t see any alerts yet. If you are going to be on, I will be definitely beaming at you for the S2S and IO84 (if you are on 70cm that is).

I will be on you-know-where whatever the weather. The Macc club is handily placed in the 2009 70cm table, so I can’t let them down!

Hmmm - clouding over and wind picking up as I look out of my window this lunchtime :frowning:



In reply to M1EYP:
hi Tom, as far as it stands at the mo, it is still a GO… these handcuffs are getting a bit irritating now, but the gang says they are needed to drag me up hi…looking forward to it!!! will have a final review re wx etc around 4pm, but expect to be a GO… Will nudge Rob re alert… bill


In reply to G4USW:
Tuesday 09/06/09
FARS are go,expect activity from 1830z 2m 5MHz 7MHz 10MHz and 70Cm’s. All those
reaching the summit will receive a rock bun.
Spots appreciated


Hi all,

Hope you all enjoyed yourselfs activating Kirkby Moor G/LD-049. Congratulations to Bill G4USW mfor his first ever activation. Hope to see Bill G4USW activation some more SOTA summits.

Jimmy M3EYP


I worked Nick and Jordan S2S. But did Bill get up the hill?



In reply to M1EYP:
Yes Tom, no problem at all. I thought he worked you but I was a bit away from the group, working HF if one contact can be called that. All our members who set out made it to the top and there was a general feeling that we should do another one later in the year,oh dear. Thanks to all the stations who worked us, Bill is doing a special QSL card I believe!
Thanks and 73


In reply to G4RQJ:
hi, No didnt work tom, only worked Billinge Hill as s2s, think tom was on 70cms and that was in the hands of nick and jordan i believe
did 13 on 2mtr FM and one on 2mtr SSB…
not a qsl card in general, just had request for one from one particular station
thanks for the enquiry Tom, next time mate, will make sure we work you