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Did anyone get the SOTA reference activated by DL8JJ/P on 7.033 at 10h utc


Happy New Year!

DL8JJ/P was calling CQ SOTA on 7.033 until a few minutes ago. He’s now gone.
I called him, we exchanged signal reports and we had a good, valid QSO.
Since I couldn’t see any spot for him on SOTAwatch, I remained on the frequency waiting for when he would send the reference.
I even asked for the reference and he sent it once.
His morse was being sent pretty fast -nearly 25 WPM- and his signal was so weak with QSB that I just couldn’t copy it on that single time he sent it.
After a while, I asked again for the reference and again he sent it just once, so I couldn’t copy it for the same above mentionned reasons.
I just got the reference DM/??-5?? or ?5?
Did anyone get and can let me know the SOTA reference activated by DL8JJ/P on 7.033 at about 10h utc on January 1st 2018?
Thanks and best 73,



DL8JJ/P was spotted at 0928 on DM/HE-547 if that helps Guru

73 Graham G3OHC


Cluster spot at 09:35 from OE1CIW showed:



Thank you Graham and Stu. Your help is very much appreciated.