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I was SWLing yesterday and came across a /MM station chatting to a USA station. Both seemed to be ex navy talking about a Dickman-Klapper antenna and how wonderful it was. I gave a call but they did not hear me. I did a Google search and zero hits. Does anyone know what the design of this antenna is? Or did I mishear?
Mike G6TUH


In reply to G6TUH:

Hi Mike… it seems that this name lead to a German Company named:
Dieckmann & Klapper Gerätebau GmbH, Hamburg

But I don’t have further informations about.

vy 73
de Franz ON9CBQ


In reply to ON9CBQ:

Oh well done Franz! I will check this lead out.
Thank you very much.
Mike G6TUH


In reply to ON9CBQ:

Yes I can see the design and how this multi vertical is. Two rings joined by multiple verticals. I will try and find details :sunglasses: !


Mike G6TUH

Edit update “Unsupported Reuse mast transmitting antenna, 0.2 - 25 MHz, for use in the marine communications and navigation beacons. Maximum allowable transmit power for short and Grenzwellen 2000 Watt, ditto for medium wave 500 watts. Nonmagnetic, Marine Weatherproof. Special design MAS140E: External, no Fußpunktspeisung.”

"Freitragende Reusenmast-Sendeantenne, 0,2 - 25 MHz, für den Einsatz im Seefunk und Navigationsfunkfeuer. Maximal zulässige Sendeleistung für Kurz- und Grenzwellen 2000 Watt, dito für Mittelwelle 500 Watt. Amagnetisch, Hochsee-Wetterfest. Sonderausführung MAS140E: Externe, keine Fußpunktspeisung. "


In reply to G6TUH:

Hi Mike,

Reusenantenne aka “cage antenna”.

See page 20a for an illustration of the MAS140:


Bernhard DL4CW


In reply to DL4CW:

Thanks Bernhard. I have now found quite a bit on the net including its history going back to 1922 with first amateur radio transatlantic tests.

Best wishes for Christmas.

Mike G6TUH