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Deadly Aussie Reptiles


Errr, no. Its horses.


I suspect the most dangerous thing by far in Australia is Australians.


This thread just keeps on giving and the contributors are taking a ‘light-hearted’ approach :smile:

73, Andrew VK1AD (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie)


I agree ! (Oy, Oy, Oy)



Having dealt with the Deadly Aussie Reptiles, one can move on to the Vicious Aussie Marsupials…

This one happened in suburban Melbourne a few days ago, about 5km from my home. Widely reported, and this link also includes tv news footage.

This is far from being an isolated incident. I have a work colleague whose brother suffered very badly - stomach ripped open - from one of these monsters some years ago. I’ve been kicked a couple of times by supposedly friendly 'roos in wildlife parks. I would not trust them with a child.

And there there’s this one…

Not much one can add to that, is there?


No where is safe.


Recent snake activity around Canberra VK1. This young lady was lucky the brown snake, known as Australias most venomous snake, decide to hold back with the venom.

Canberra woman who survived a brown snake bite is feeling ‘very lucky’ http://ab.co/2jroMro - via @abcnews

Temperatures around VK1 are hotting up early next week, 38 C nudging 100 F.

Andrew VK1AD


Some facts;



This thread is too good to let slither off and die.

Glen VK3YY, David VK3IL and I found the best operating location on Lamb Hill VK3/VT-025 already occupied:

After a brief discussion around the mental state of the occupant and some boot stomping, we setup there with the operating position a mere 10metres away. Our friend was in no hurry to leave his sunbathing spot, which given the temperature was only a few degrees above feeezing was understandable.

Obviously whoever was not holding the microphone was on lookout duty.

Thanks to Glen for the photo, who is much braver than I!

Andrew VK3JBL


Thanks for the tiger snake photo which sends shivers down my spine. Tiger snakes are not to be messed around with even when chilled.


Hmm that’s a close up photo! What’s the strike distance of a Tiger snake?

Andrew VK1AD


About half that I reckon… Dont ask me how I know that.


According to the “experts” a snake’s strike range is bout half its length, but it depends on whether it is coiled or crawling along. So for most bush snakes, getting closer than 1 m is tempting fate. Personally if it looks unsettled even 2 m is too close. Use a zoom lens or photoshop your longer range photo.

The Victorian Alpine Hoop snake is another kettle of fish. Going down hill they can so I’m told reach 50 km/h in a second or two so if 20 m uphill from you they can effectively strike from that range. They just crawl like other snakes uphill.



I came across this Timber rattlesnake a few years ago in the Catoctin mountains MD.

Nice markings on it, it was giving me quite a rattle, so I left it alone after taking a couple of photos.



The Australian Hoop snake has only one natural preditor. This native creature plans its attack from high in a eucalypt tree, waiting for the hoop snake to start its descent. Thats right the Australian Drop Bear is a legend at taking on the Aussie hoop snake.

One must be careful in the Aussie scrub, always look up!

Andrew VK1AD


I hear that smearing Vegemite behind your ears is a good method to deter drop bear attacks.



That reminds me of one of the funniest passages in Terry Pratchets “The Last Continent”!


For any VK/ZL people visiting Scotland, you can get Vegemite in most large supermarkets now. So you don’t need to try and smuggle any into the UK should you come here.


Can we send more Vegemite there so we don’t have to put up with it here? Have to say I am one of the few who will admit to not worshipping the stuff (most un Australian, but these things will happen).



It’s why we export Fosters. I’ve never seen anyone drinking that crap here!