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CW Operators - why do some of you send much faster than the Activator?


For me, the phone equivalent is where the other operator enunciates my callsign slowly and carefully, often saying it twice (because it is strange to them), and then quickly gabbles their own, just once (because it is familiar). I have to ask for a repeat.
It is a very human thing to do, if you haven’t thought the process through…



And what scallywag told you? But ‘tapadh leat’ all the same (;>)



PS: Was almost down in the Dunoon area last week for some SS Completes, but one doth pontificate too much and I missed the good wx window on Tues - ‘tha sin mar sin’



You did a few year ago, it is same as Cats so I have tae mind it. :wink:

Ah Dunoon, miss it so much - so peaceful and quite easy going.


I had no idea what it meant until I googled it :wink:

Hope you have a good one Jack!

Very best 73,

Mark G0VOF


Tks Mark,

Wearing pretty well for an ol-yin! :smile:

Jack (;>J


This is an interesting topic, I found by chance. Myself being pretty a newbie in morse code, interestingly I do not mind a bit faster sending than my 20wpm (say, 25-27 is fine), provided that the rhythm and spacing is good.

Recently I had more trouble deciphering a message by a slower speed but with spaces lost, esp. between words but also between letters, making it impossible to copy.

Not that I excuse faster sending, but I pay more attention to correct spacing than speed (within reasonable limits). Just sharing my experience as a newbie… :slight_smile:


As an activator I use CW almost exclusively on HF and find chasers will slow down for me and even repeat call signs and signal reports to make it easy to get the contact in the log. My skill as a CW operator is quite limited and the patience of chasers is always appreciated. In-so-far as pile ups first it is wonderful to be the desirable station and second I find chasers readily respond to “K?” or “WA7?” and allow the partially identified station to complete the contact before calling again. With current band conditions and prevalent QSB and my slow speed copy it can take me a bit of time to complete a contact. Unfortunately, stations that are too fast for me are unlikely to make it into the log. I have noticed that the most experiences chasers and activators appear to have learned my ability and respond with CW that I can copy! Many thanks. When I post an alert I try to remember to include 'QRS Please" in the comments. Until I began my SOTA adventures I had given up on CW; many thanks to SOTA for the encouragement to relearn and use CW - the original digital mode gets the job done!


Could also ask why send over the top of others, including the activator.


Clearly because they don’t listen at all. Big mouth Crocodiles…


Could also ask why send over the top of others, including the activator.

I was thinking of this myself. I am pretty newbie (started learning in late January, activations since April with still a lot of mistakes). And I exactly thought - if people slow down for me, I perhaps should slow down to other ops who prefer less than my 20wpm.

I think it is a good point, I will try to devote a part of my activations in future to slower stations by slower speed CQ and QSO. Great point!