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Cross-pond SOTA


Now it’s gone dark in Europe, I’m intrigued to know if anyone managed S2S with the NA activators.

I went to Cairnpapple Hill (GM/S-254) at short notice (once the rain radar suggested it was going to be dry there for the late afternoon) and had a listen. I set up a quarter wave vertical for 20m with three radials down at 45 degrees, with the base of the quarter wave about 6m agl on my Spiderbeam pole extended to 11m. (No photo sorry, I forgot - I did have the camera …)

Amazingly I found a QSO (non SOTA) just closing down on 14.285 so called CQ there. Was answered by a NY station, KC2HRO who was running 100W to a Windom. I had the linear on (35W) and we exchanged 57 - 59 reports with a bit of QSB. There were also a couple of Italian stations called me there, but no SOTA chasers.

Tuning round the band it was obviously very much open to NA, with many QSOs heard. However I couldn’t find any of the NA activators until I eventually got back to 14.285 at about 1555Z when I heard K1YMI/P Andrew on (I think) GA-044. He was a very weak signal - running 5W I understood. Certainly at least GW4BVE managed to complete with him, and others I think, but he was marginal with me, and I had no luck with a few shouts. A pity I couldn’t stay around, it was beginning to get dark.

So no cross-pond S2S today for me - I hope someone managed it.



In reply to GM8OTI:

Yes, I was lucky. Having cancelled a weekend in Snowdonia due to the weather I still needed to get out, so walked up my local hill, Bredon. I tried CQ on 14.320 and got no takers despite a self spot. I was lucky then to catch 2E0DAI as he was about to finish on 2M SSB, so got one S2S. I was pleased to work a couple of other regulars (2E0BTR & G0TRB), but 2M SSB seemed very quiet. I then saw the spot for K1YMI/P, so moved back to 20M and after a bit of effort managed to work him. There was some QSB or more accurately, QRM coming up to swamp him, but I gave a 4/1 and received a 5/3. I was more than a little pleased. It was a good job that the hill was deserted as I let out rather a loud cheer.

Equipment my end was a 28/14/7 link dipole that I tuned up on Bredon in the rain yesterday, and an FT817 at 5W. I had problems with the mast collapsing in the wind, and ended up walking off the hill in the dark, but it is an easy walk so no problems.



In reply to G0IBE:

That’s really great Richard - well done to both of you, 5W (at both ends) SSB S2S across the pond - that shows the rest of us what to do!

Fantastic stuff, 73


In reply to G0IBE:
Activated Shining Tor with 2E0DAI who played on 2m while i had a vertical for 20m, only using 5w SSB so i didnt expect any miracles but made 2 contacts into Hungary and one into Gran Canaria along with several ground wave stations worked.

It appears we arrived earlier than the NA guys on summit and with the cold and rain we called it a day around 5pm, on the descent the wind must have been gusting up to 70mph.

Not this time so the solution is they will have to do it all over again! Sean M0GIA


In reply to GM8OTI:
When I left home to activate GW/NW-051 this afternoon despite the forecast the weather looked promising, but half way there the weather took a turn for the worse pretty quick, so reluctantly back home I went.

At home I did hear K1YMI/P at about 53 with QSB but unfortunately I couldn’t get through. I did manage a contact with LA1KHA/P on 30m then VA2SG/P on 20m, many thanks.

Hope to have better weather next time!

Roger MW0IDX


In reply to G0IBE:

Richard ! I can’t believe we made it S2S on 5W both directions !!!
I was using a 80m end-fed dipole … 65’ with a 35’ counterpoise. Radio was a FT817 and a LDG QRP autotuner.



In reply to KC2EUS:

We diverted to GW-NW070 due to poor wx and were on air late at 15:45. We heard you peaking 5/5 Andrew and did give you a call but shortly after you had dropped into the noise. We had to take the antenna down for a short time due to a sheared thread on one of the retaining mechanisms of the portable mast sections. When we were back in business KI6NN was heard with a strong signal. Unfortunately there were too many stations calling and too much QRM to make the trip.

73 de Chris M1DTJ (MW1DTJ/P for today)


Andrew, thanks very much for the contact, nice operating. I am normally pleased to work Cheltenham and Birmingham, two local centres of activity, but was overjoyed to get a W2 summit to summit. I really did not expect it with 5W.




In reply to G0IBE:
Thanks for being up on the hill Andrew. My group in W6 land managed to work G4OBK from our activation which was very exciting indeed. We heard soo many lighter EU stations calling but couln’t work them due to the for-mentioned QRM seems everyone was experiencing. Wish we could have worked all!!! Till next time.



In reply to KI6NN:


Well done on the activation. As the sun perks up, transatlantic s2s should become much more common.

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