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Congratulations to Arne


…DL4OCE on his first SOTA activation. Using just a simple Rockmite he made lots of contacts. At times he was peaking 589 here. In fact his success has encouraged me to give mine an outing this week.

I have always considered the Rockmite to be the the simplest design that will give adequate performance for SOTA.





In reply to G3CWI:

Congratulations on your first SOTA acivation Arne.

It was a pleasure to say Hello and you were 559 on a 6’ indoor vertical antenna in Cornwall.



In reply to G3CWI:

Wow, that was amazing!

After my first short CQ call, OK1LV and OK1OFM came back, but this could also have been coincidence as the RX of the rockmite is reeeally wide… But when I saw my callsign spotted by OK1LV, I began to believe that he really picked up my signals - unbelievable!

But no time to think about it as a pretty big pile-up started, and I worked 16 countries in less than 90 minutes. With half a Watt!! Still can’t believe it!

Thanks to all who gave me a call and those who missed me due to some guys starting to call CQ over my sigs or being really strong close nearby. That’s the only point I dislike about that little wonder thingie: it’s wide receiver. There is some work to be done :slight_smile:

Be sure this wasn’t my last SOTA operation but the beginning of something really kicking! :slight_smile:


In reply to DL4OCE:
Sorry I couldn’t work you Arne. I had some local electrical noise, and coupled with QSB copy was marginal at best. Listened for a while but then had to go out. Hope to catch you next time.

73 Dave G3YMC


In reply to DL4OCE:


I would not get too involved in making complex mods to a Rockmite. It’s a very simple (and elegant) design but if you need more performance, there are far better ways to go. The classic Norcal 40-40 circuit has been the basis for many good designs and will give a big improvement in performance.

I did try to give you a Rockmite to Rockmite contact today but our frequencies don’t quite coincide!




In reply to DL4OCE:

Hello Arne,
congrats and well done with this nice little rig! I hope you’ll find some more comfortable receiver, hi :slight_smile:

All the best from
Mike, DF2OK +


Well, I found a pretty simple way out of this by buying an FT817. It’s brilliant. But I won’t tell you old stories…

As I think there is no more important modification to the Rockmite than a CW filter, I’ll keep my eyes open to find one somewhere in the future…