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Changing callsign data once the log has been submi


Can anyone tell me how to correct a callsign in my activator log for GW/NW-044 on 11th Feb.? I just need to change one letter in a callsign and save it in the database.

Keith GW4OKT


In reply to GW4OKT:

Hi Keith. Read Tom’s explanation to Mike 2E0YYY, when he duplicated an entry:

"Post by M1EYP on 23rd January 2011 at 23:50
You don’t need to write them all in again Mike. Just download the CSV file of your activator log, cut it down to just the QSOs of this activation, remove the ‘extra’ BVE log, save it. Then delete the activation from your log, then upload the now corrected CSV file of it.

Much quicker and simpler than it sounds.

Tom M1EYP"

I seem to manage an error from time to time when uploading our logs, despite triple checking. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Karen 2E0XYL


In reply to 2E0XYL:
Tnx Karen…I didn’t create a CSV file for data entry so am I correct in assuming that I may as well just delete the whole log and resubmit the corrected one?




In reply to GW4OKT:

Download your log as a CSV file.
Edit this file.
Delete activation.
Upload edited file.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! :slight_smile:

And you don’t need Excel or a spreadsheet to edit the file because it’s a text file.



In reply to MM0FMF:
Thanks for that Andy, excellent - all part of my learning curve as a new key on the block!




In reply to GW4OKT:

Nice to work you from Shining Tor today, Keith…

Load of logging to do also… after the Harwell Rally, tomorrow.

Mike 2E0YYY


As I usually upload a CSV for my entries into the database and have made the odd mistake when doing so (mistyping dates/times etc) I am currently working on a Windows program specifically for creating and editing SOTA CSV files.

I’m hoping at least a couple of others that I know use CSV’s will have chance to try it out and report any problems they find before I release it to a wider audience.

I will announce more details when it is ready to be tried by others, but at present it is still work in progress (I only started it yesterday).

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:
I may give that a shot. I had a chat with Tony 2E0LAE yesterday and he gave me some good tips on note taking/preparation when on the air. I tend to rush through the contacts and as a result, my handwriting is sloppy, resulting in errors when entering into my permanent log etc… I’ve only had three trips out, but I’m already noticing that on CW, the number of contacts is high and they are coming at you fast and thick, having the notepad in order is important for me.




In reply to GW4OKT:

Nice to see you getting in to SOTA Keith. Trust you had fun?

CU Wednesday

73 Steve GW7AAV


After quite a while programming last weekend and several nights this week I now have a what I hope is a working (Beta) SOTA CSV Log editor (For Windows XP or newer) which is now with my testers.

Whilst it should be suitable for both Chaser and Activator logs it removes the ‘header’ row as well as the ‘points’ and ‘bonus’ columns that are present in CSV logs downloaded from the Database site (to be compatible with the CSV upload)

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:

What does it do that emacs, jEdit, vi, OpenOffice, Excel, OfficeLibre, notepad, wordpad and many other programs don’t do?




What does it do that emacs, jEdit, vi, OpenOffice, Excel, OfficeLibre,
notepad, wordpad and many other programs don’t do?

How about:

Inserting Date/Time automatically (if desired)

Ensure that the entered date and time for a contact are valid (not 29 Feb in non-leap year)

Check that the summit reference really looks like a reference (without actually being able to validate that it is a valid reference) - (I may do some more work on this part).

Ensure that Bands/Modes are consistently entered in same format (i.e. always 432MHz not a mixture of 432MHz/433MHZ)

No more having to remember (or check) what order the CSV file needs all the fields.

Prevents me entering two comma’s where there should be only one (as I don’t have to enter any).

Ensure that the CSV for upload has all the entries in the correct date/time order (as the database upload objects when you get this wrong).

In future: Anything else I can think of that might make getting the CSV right first time a little easier.

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:

Ah, mainly chasing things then. Does look a bit like a some wheel reinvention is taking place but if you think it makes things easier for you then why not.

Ensure that the CSV for upload has all the entries in the correct date/time
order (as the database upload objects when you get this wrong).

It does that for a good reason :wink:



In reply to MM0FMF:

Being one of the “Testers” of the New Software i find it very useful i have weeks of notepad files of chaser logs that have not been uploaded yet for the fact that when i try to convert them to a csv file something is always in the wrong place or against the wrong comma and with work too i just havent had time to do it

with the new program i have already converted part of the notepad logs into SOTA CSV for uploading and makes it alot easier and hopefully should upload without error

also when filling in the summit reference in the CSV file i tend to miss out the G/ or GW/ and then on upload it and it complains but the software actually checks the sota reference looks like a proper SOTA Refernce before it lets me enter it into the csv log and then preventing further problems when it comes to uploading on the site

so far a very useful tool for me :slight_smile: and alot easier to use than a standard text editor it is also useful if im in a hurry and want to make a quick insert into the csv for a sota station i work before i rush off to work (sometimes just as im heading out the door and one appears) as i can just tap in the info (Callsign sota Ref etc) hit the ok button and go out the door

Matt M3WDS