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Brecon Beacons DofE group (first time activator)


Hi all,
Only just started to get involved in SOTA after only taking part in amatuer radio from my bedroom.

I am going on my DofE Gold practice in the Brecon Beacons from 30th through the the 2nd and decided to combine my two hobbies and bring my radio along. To this end, my groups aim is “to test the feasability of establishing radio contact in the Brecon Beacons using man-portable equipment”.

Being a school trip, the route is relatively mundane, and does not go up any summits that are large enough to be eligable for SOTA, but I was wondering if anyone would be intreasted in “chasing” me “activating”.

I am taking a FT-817, a 10m mast with a slim jim on it, and will be operating on 2m, mainly 145.500 FM.

For anyone who is intreasted, here is a list of “summits” I will be activating (I apologise for anything spelt wrong, my only referecne is a hand written note from my group leader)

Garreg Lwyd
Foel Fraith
Cefn Y Cylchau

Garreg Las
Garreg Yr Ogot
Bannau Sir Gaer

Fan Foel
Fan Bry Cheining
Fan Hir
Garreg Godm
Bulch y Ddeuyunt

No summits on last day

I know this is a big ask, but I might as well try


In reply to M3ZYC:

It may be worth checking to see if any of these are in the HuMPS programme…


73 Mike


In reply to 2E0YYY:
Thank you for pointing this out, I didn’t even though it existed! Only one is, but one is better than none!


In reply to M3ZYC:

Fan Foel
Fan Bry Cheining
Fan Hir
Garreg Godm
Bulch y Ddeuyunt

It looks like you are walking along the ridge which includes Fan Brycheiniog which is an 8 point SOTA summit ref GW/SW-003. I’m sure chasers will be delighted if you ‘CQ SOTA’!

Good Luck. Stay safe.
Karen 2E0XYL


In reply to 2E0XYL:
I will certainly try and get the route changed. It won’t be the people in my group that will oppose it, it will be the teachers, but we will see…


In reply to M3ZYC:

Fan Foel
Fan Bry Cheining -***********
Fan Hir

No need to get the route changed - the starred summit is the SOTA summit mis-spelt. You will see it on the map 802m high grid ref SN 82553 21791.



In reply to M3ZYC:

will be operating on 2m, mainly 145.500 FM.

I hope you will be mainly calling CQ on 145.500 and QSYing to operate! :slight_smile:

Have a great time.



In reply to M3ZYC:

I will be beaming towards the area from Birmingham and listening for you on the off chance. Unfortunately my beam is horizontally polarised so there will be losses that might make a contact impossible but I have had some successful FM contacts in that area. I will monitor the calling channel and call if I hear you.

Good luck!

Brian G8ADD