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Beyond the Wall


For anyone who has activated (or thinking of activating) in the magical Mournes in Northern Ireland.(GI/MM).


Good video David, thanks for sharing.


Victor GI4ONL


Hello David

Thanks very much for posting the video, it brought back happy memories of when Geoff 2I0NON and I activated the Mournes last September.

73 / HNY
Nick G(I)4OOE


What fantastic places I’ve seen in this short film by Ryan Simpson, David. I’ve read about The Mournes and the wall and had lots of contacts with SOTA friends there. I got to go, simple as that - and as soon as I can.

Many thanks for highlighting the film to the SOTA community.

73 Phil G4OBK.


An excellent video and thanks for sharing. Never knew the clouds moved so fast in that part of the world. :smile:



Beautiful. Can’t wait to go back, and not a drop of rain either :yum:



:wink: As a chaser Pete I will look forward to that - I still need a contact with 4 of the 16 Mournes, 003, 008, 009 and 014! As an activator I need to visit every one and will I am sure one day…

73 Phil