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I recently considered altering (correcting/clarifying) a post topic, but my privileges to alter a topic text has gone. It seems from browsing the Badges page, this is included when a user reaches “regular” classification, probably measured by the number of posts, interactions, likes, etc. So perhaps the criteria for classifying a user as “regular” have been changed by the recent version upgrade?

It isn’t of earth-shattering importance. Just curious.


It is a sort-of moving average calculation. So it’s number of posts, number new threads, number of likes etc. in the last 100 days. I can’t remember the actual figures.

I just had a look… you don’t “like” enough posts. You’re fine on everything but liking posts where you are running at 50% of the necessary rate.

The MT could change the values but I don’t want to start another tsunami of comments regarding the sweet-spot values :slight_smile:


It originally started with a set of fixed measures. Then after some time it became dynamic. As well the number of measures increased a couple of time with software upgrades. There is a grace time period of 14 days if someone no longer meets the criteria. All settings are just the Discourse defaults. Why it has this feature is a quirk of the software design team. I have so far acquired 22 badges all of which seem pointless.


ok in that case I will turn over a new leaf and have liked your post, to kick it off… :slight_smile:

as Jim says, some of these things are somewhat pointless. But the rewording of thread titles is quite useful.


Andrew vk1da/2uh


I’ll start a poll on another thread then…


It would be a very long time until I clicked “like” enough. I read everything by e-mail. Seems like a weird thing to count.



It’s to measure engagement within the community I think. Maybe you could email your likes back? :slight_smile:


The latest software update that has taken place in the last 48 hours appears to have added some more pointless badges to the reflector.


True, Jim; I now appear to be a registered Afficianado… Perhaps if we don’t comment they will go away :wink:


They go away if we turn them off!

Some are quite useful and some are simply a way of stoking our own feelings of self-importance and/or vanity.


That “xxx is replying” thing is new isn’t it?


Doesn’t sound like something anyone here would do. People will be expecting points for activations next.


I can’t find the “Dislike” button.


We removed it before we started!




Know your meme!