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Arthur’s Seat GM/SS-272


I have the relevant permission from H.E.S for an activation mid April. One condition is no pegs in the ground. Any ideas? I seen in a older thread, Andy MM0FMF hinted at a fence up there? Is this still the case? Suitable to lash a 7m pole to? What about antenna wise? Stick with a 20m vertical or is there any space for 40m inverted V?



Here is Matt VK1MA using the fence in June 2015. Nice day, ISTR it was shorts and T-shirt weather which is why someone from VK had a wooly hat and a thick jacket on :slight_smile: It’ just below the summit, you can see the top of the trig in the photo.

And this is Jirka OK2BDF setup in 2014 viewed from above.

Finally a view up to the top. It wasn’t very busy on these two days, I’ve seen it much, much busier. But there’s more than enough people about.


Excellent Andy, thanks for that. I’ll put an alert on nearer the time, I’ve got permission covering a few days in case the weather isn’t playing ball. I’ll have 40 through 10. And 2m HT. going by previous 2m looks like it could be quiet?


My activation July 2014. I used 2 bands; 10m pole, full 1/4 wave 40m / 5/8 wave 18m


Excellent Carolyn, thanks for that. Looks like the Velcro straps to tie on to the fence will suffice. Can’t wait. It’s rare I get down to GM/SS, let alone Edinburgh. That said…keep an eye out for an GM/SI activation on Tuesday or Wednesday, all going well. :grinning:


If the activation timing is right I might try for activating from our Arthurs Seat for a S2S.


I’ll keep you posted Ron, here’s hoping. I don’t think I’ve worked VK from home or SOTA yet to my best recollection



Hello Adrian,
I secured permission and activated Arthur’s Seat in May of 2016. I do not recall any fences and supported my short (3.5m) telescopic pole by hand. The wx was fair and therefore quite crowded in the AZ. I made two 2m FM contacts and two on 20m CW.
73, Etienne-K7ATN


I’ve used a 2m J-Pole hanging from a 20ft fishing pole to great effect and the base is just jammed into my backpack for easy deployment and no pegs. I have the backpack located between my knees and I’m sitting on the ground.

Alternatively, consider a mag loop mounted on a camera tripod. I’ve used that with a lot of success albeit when the sun cycle was better as small mag loops are hopelessly inefficient on 40m but pretty good on 20-10m.

Good luck!



It ended up just being a vhf only activation, it was far too busy and too cold for HF today up there. Apologies to any chasers waiting on HF for me today.



Yes very cold in the north today and lots of people out and about. Is the fitness message sinking in?

Will keep an ear open for you on Allemuir tomorrow Adrian from a bit further south on Blackhope. Let’'s hope A to B works out.

73, Gerald G4OIG