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April 1st is Portugal´s National Summits on the Air Day


All radio amateurs are invited to participate in Portugal’s National SOTA Day, next April 1st, an event that is meant to both highlight and encourage participation on the Summits on The Air program. The “party-on-the-air” is also meant to celebrate SOTA – Portugal´s sixth year in activity, started precisely on this day, in 2011.
Long time and current participants, as well as amateur radio clubs, are particularly encouraged to invite other amateur operator´s to tag along their planned activities in order to increase the program’s awareness.
Diplomas (electronically sent) will be available to activators, chasers and SWL registered on SOTA´s Database and after the upload of their day´s logs.
No other rules apply other than the Summits on The Air own set of procedures. This is not a contest, just another way of enjoying and celebrating SOTA´s unique pleasure of amateur radio activity.
Pedro Carvalho, CT1DBS/CU3HF is the “point man” on this event and all queries regarding Portugal´s National SOTA Day 2017 should be sent to his email (lookup QRZ.COM) or diasotaCT@gmail.com


Ears open :wink:


April the first! Really?

Not the best date to chose! Many will think this is a joke. (April fools day is April 1st.)

73 Ed.


I hope you get blessed with decent WX and decent propagation and that your national SOTA day is well supported.

Sadly I’ll be away at the GMDX convention and wont be able to try for an S2S with any of the CT stations.


Hi Ed

You are right but April 1st 2011 was the SOTA’s start date in CT Land!
What can we do?!.. April fools day is April 1st here as well…

Last year was a success: Almost 50 activators in 21 SOTA summits. It’s 8.8% of all CT summits activated in the same day!

Hopefully this year will be nice as well!

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF


Understood Paulo & Pedro,

I wish you well with the activity day. HAPPY SIXTH BIRTHDAY!

Someone could say we are all fools of a sort walking up to the top of hills and mountains with heavy radio gear to make contacts that we could make from the comfort of our home shacks, but where’s the fun in that?

73 Ed.




Hello, I do hope propagation improves for the 1st April.
I tried to hear Nuno CT2IUV/P today in EA1 land and zero signal on 40M and 20M SSB.
Oh well see what happens :wink:



Keep the fingers crossed! :wink:

WX will be cold but no rain. :slight_smile:



Hi all

Saturday is closing in and more than 30 callsigns enrolled in the activity.

Some rare SOTA summits will be on the air, especially during the morning.

One station will be doing PSK during the afternoon (CT1BHG).

All chasers are welcome! :slight_smile:

The WX will be cold but no rain across country.

All CT SOTA community are expecting a very fun day for all. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

PS - Any questions diasotact@gmail.com


Hello Pedro

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Portugal Day activity.

10:00 CS7AFM/P on CT/ES-003 7-ssb,14-ssb,21-ssb,144-fm-430-fm
** CT Sota day; Time approx; Other freq possible (Posted by CS7AFM)**

This is the one which interests me - for a SOTA Complete. I think a 20m SSB contact with Sergio is a distinct possibility for me. Unfortunately I missed you and your friends when you activated the summit last July.

I wish you a successful SOTA Portugal Day!

Phil G4OBK


It looks very promising. There will be activations ranging from the HF bands all the way to 10GHz and, like Pedro already pointed out, there will be over 30 ops active. I´ll be up in CT/DL-005 with Nuno, CT2IUV, and Joaquim, CT7AGT. If the weather cooperates, we agreed to pool our efforts into a “above average” station, up there.

See y´all on Saturday.

Paulo, CT2IWW



The following station annouced their intentioon to activate one summit tomorrow, April 1st, to celebrate the CT National SOTA DAY (no special order)


Thank you Phil.

Hope you will chase CS7AFM. I will be in CT/ES-001.


Pedro, CT1DBS


On the the way to CT/BL-024 . see you there on the air.
Sergio CT2JLS


Conditions not been kind today.
But out of 9 sotas caught so far
So far am glad to say caught 4 of them from Portugal.
Just shame conditions not that little bit better



Yes Karl - A very successful Portugal day for sure with many operators using a selection of ham bands to increase chasers chances of a QSO in the poor condx. Also many operators making a day of it and remaining on the summits for some hours in some cases. Thank you all very much.

Good Health, Good drinks :hamburger::wine_glass::tropical_drink::beers:

I was delighted to make 2 contacts with Sergio CS7AFM/P on CT/ES-003 for the SOTA Complete. Walkers need a special permit to operate on this summit in the National Park. I rate this as my most valuable SOTA contact this year!

73 de Phil G4OBK


Finally I got aproved to enter the “reflector”. :slight_smile:

@G4OBK , it was my pleasure to assist you to get a CT SOTA complete, we even try to make the 15m QSO but unfortunately the conditions of propagation did not allow it.
I’m glad that we made the QSO’s! I’ve been following you recent blog update and you must keep up with the good work online, you and some others radioamateurs have inspired me to start my journey in SOTA.
Thank you! see you agn on the air.
Sérgio - CS7AFM


Hi all

The organization of CT National SOTA Day will send a certificate to all chasers that log in a QSO with a CT summit on April 1st.

The certificate, free of charge, is requested by email with the log attached to diasotact@gmail.com

73 es TKS