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Activation of Tryfan GW/NW-006 Today


In reply to MW6BDV:
Sorry to have missed you,but did have beam pointing your way & was listening most of morning.:-}OLD SLIPPER


In reply to MW6BDV:

Hi Barry,

Sorry to have missed you this morning, I was on Moel Siabod NW-010 in the horizontal sleet using 2m and 70cm SSB. Glad to hear your 817 has arrived, having ssb capability should increase the range of your contacts. Good luck and well done.




In reply to MW6BDV:
Sorry i missed you this morning on Tryfan Barry.I was working til 12 and immediately switched on to listen . No one had heared from you so I assumed that you had packed up . Congratulations on Tryfan a well earned 8 plus 3 points and over 200 total now i’m sure. Hope youre gonna wait for better weather to try your new weapon . Look out for you again and good Activating
73 de MW6UPH


In reply to MW6BDV:
Sorry I missed you today Barry, I usually listen out especially for local activations, but I’m inside all day working on Fridays so could not monitor 2m. Have fun with the 817!
Roger MW0IDX


In reply to MW6BDV:

Sorry Barry! Just got home and checked the spots and thought you must have cancelled due to wx - then I saw this thread.

Congratulations on activating Tryfan today - I’m glad you managed to qualify it and didn’t require Mountain Rescue!

Neil and I did listen out for you on the h/h whilst ascending MW-009 but by the time we arrived at 12.30 you had long gone. Maybe next time!