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6 summits became 2 trip


Hi all,

I set out to activate 6 summits in the Victorian high country, but it turned out a little harder than that. I was still able to activate VK3/VE-045 and VK3/VE-046 over two days, but well over 20 hours of walking - well not too much walking - more scrambling, hands and knees, etc. Interesting trip. Details at: http://waynemerry.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/eagle-peaks-and-the-govenor-vk3ve-045-ve-046/


In reply to VK3WAM:

Sounds like a bit of an epic, I’m glad you got out OK!

I’m interested in the reference to rogaining in your report, the Wiki isn’t much help, can you point me to more detail, please - what distinguishes it from orienteering? I might try and get my local mountaineering club interested in it but I will have to answer questions!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:
Hi Brian. Check out http://vra.rogaine.asn.au/getting-started/what-is-rogaining.html

Essentially a rogaine is a team based event - 2 to 5 a team, but typically 2. The controls are in no set order. Each control is worth a certain number of points, some more than others. The value of points for each control is set by the setters of the course, and is a bit of an art form. It is expected that there be far more controls than is possible to visit within the allotted time, and there is heavy loss of points for even being a few minutes over time. Rogainers must make a decision as to what controls are possible to visit within the alloted time in order to maximize points.

Of course, no electronic navigational aids may be used such as GPS, altimeters, etc. Only a map and a compass.

73 de Wayne VK3WAM


In reply to VK3WAM:

Thanks, Wayne, I’ve put something about it on my club’s forum, let’s see if it fires any imaginations!


Brian G8ADD