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5 upcoming SOTA activations


Good Afternoon Folks!

I’ll be doing a section hike on the Appalachian trail May 5-8 during which I hope to activate 5 summits. I’ll try to work as many of you as I can but please understand I will have to keep these activation’s pretty short for 3 reasons. For one I’ll be hiking with some non-ham buddies who aren’t going to want to wait around for much more than 30-45 minutes per activation. I also have a lot of miles to cover and most importantly I’ll be carrying 4 days worth of camping / hiking gear in my backpack so I will not have much room for radio gear. I plan to take one battery, my KX3 and a LNR Trail Friendly. So no pole, no doublet, no amp, no extra batteries. I plan to work SSB on 80, 60, 40, 20 then call it. The summits planned are.

W4G/NG005 - Thursday
W4G/NG011 - Friday
W4G/NG010 - Saturday
W4G/NG009 - Sunday
W4G/NG020 - Sunday

There is a possibility I may do NG020 Thursday instead of Sunday.

I’ll put out Alerts on Sotawatch once I have a better idea on times.

As always feel free to drop me a txt and I’ll do my best to QSY for you.

Wish me luck and 73,


Best of luck Alan

73 Neil


Those are some really good summits to do. Will you have an HT for 2m FM?



I sure will!