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1st VK2 Super Sloth


Gerard VK2IO has passed the 10,000 point mark and become VK2’s first super sloth.

Just wanted to be the first to congratulate him on an outstanding effort. An outstanding operator, avid activator and always helpful. Well done and look forward to many more contacts in the future



Congratulations, Gerald! 73, Walt NE4TN


Congrats Gerald and Welcome to the ClUB
Dow W4DOW #1 Chaser in W4V


Congratulations Gerard, thanks for being one of the regulars on my activations.

Catch you on the next summit !

Cheers, Nick


Excellent effort Gerard

73 Mike VK6MB


Thanks for the kind comments Phil and all.
Its great to be in contact with so many friendly folk.

Cheers, Gerard - VK2IO


Well done Gerard,
It is always a pleasure to have you chase my activations; it seems no matter what time of the day I am on you are there :smile:
Warren vk3byd