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1st March 2018 Association Updates


Well, my head’s in a spin trying to get stuff ready at the last minute! Why do they make February so short?

Anyway, I hope to announce a couple of uploads later, once they are confirmed. There are a few small updates being processed too…

Simon, G4TJC


Andy has been busy on uploads this evening…

New Associations

3Y Bouvetøya (Bouvet Island)

It turned out to be just a single summit

Aage, LA1ENA, is the AM (it’s a Norwegian dependency)

TI Costa Rica

Welcome to Allan, K3ALL/TI
This does look like a great spot - lots of volcano-activating opportunities!


Amongst the updates being processed are a few for G and YU. There are a few more to follow.

SOTA on Bouvet
If you need Costa Rica (TI) as a DXCC entity, 4 of us are in country soon


E7 Association Reference Manual?


Zaro is reminding me I forgot about his update! :wink:


Roger OK, via mail will go 73!!


Hi Simon, I think the upper level E7 information page needs a few changes as well:

I don’t think the association started 1st. January 1900 and the overall Association Manager is shown as a comma. Zaro is shown as the Manager for the two regions listed lower in the page (Is Zaro also AM or is the position not yet filled?).


The associnfo is blank for E7 as it has never been updated. Once updated the missing data will percolate through.


Thanks Andy.
I thought it might be something like that.


Om s, we working about update, and new one, in this year, later, will be a huge, with a lot new sotas, about 500 new…