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10 Years SOTA in Slovenia S510SOTA


This year, 2018 , Slovenia SOTA program celebrates it’s 10th anniversary.
With this purpose will be issused special diplomas and activated special call S510SOTA.

73 de S58R - Rado


Congratulations. Are you planning a event on the big day like we do here in LA?


Thank you very much.
In any case, we have a series of activities in the plan. We will be informed in advance.

73 Rado


The first diplomas for SOTA activators and chasers outside Slovenia are awarded.

73 de S58R - Rado


Today (Sunday, 14.10.2018), many S5 activators will be active…

73 de S58R - Rado


Congrats Luc, Mario and Gerhard.

73 de S58R - Rado